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Gail Mae Ferguson, EFT Practitioner NYCMy journey from Ballerina to EFT Master Trainer & Practitioner

My career started out originally as a ballerina and I danced principal roles with the Australian Ballet Company where I performed with many wonderful stars in the ballet world such as Margot Fonteyn, Rudolph Nureyev and Robert Helpmann. I later had the opportunity to appear on Broadway in “A Chorus Line” and “Dancin” working with Michael Bennett and Bob Fosse.

I went on to have a beautiful family of five kids and have been married to the same patient husband for 36 years now.
One of the reasons that I stopped performing, even when I had many agents calling me to come and audition for jobs, was that I experienced major terror at the thought. I would make an excuse that I couldn’t make the audition. Depending on who was in the audience I could have such fear inside even though I could cover it  well, the stress was taking its toll on my body. On the one hand I had parts in me that wanted to be in the limelight but on the other hand I had parts that felt I didn’t deserve this success.

I didn’t realize at the time that I was experiencing C-PTSD and that I had been for most of my life, due to traumatic childhood experiences. Unfortunately all the therapies I tried were not able to help me in any way, so thousands of dollars went down the drain. Perhaps I was just picking the wrong therapists but I do believe that everything is for a reason and my frustration and inability to find help back then led me along the path to where I am now , where I am very happy to be.

At the time I gave up on my career out of sheer exhaustion. I thought that I would just have to accept being emotionally handicapped for life, as it seemed I had tried everything. I poured my energies into my family and sought out religion in the hopes that I would find what I was looking for there. Although I learned many wonderful and profound things, I also learned that religion has its limitations. I have a strong belief in God and in Jesus, they were present in my life when others weren’t  (but it seemed that religion has distorted much of what God truly is and wounded many in the process.)  When my youngest was about ten, I thought maybe I could try going back to work again and that maybe, miraculously, things would be different for me. Unfortunately, that was not the case and I experienced terror and out of body experiences at auditions.

Still wracking my brains and heart, and having this undying belief that all things were possible with God, I kept searching.  At this time I discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Matrix Reimprinting.  When I heard about Matrix Reimprinting I was so excited! The idea that you could go back to a memory and re-imprint it was brilliant. This was what I was looking for.  I had many traumatic memories with negative beliefs attached, which were running my life in my subconscious and which I could not keep from cropping up, no matter what I did to keep them at bay.

Long story short, I ended up getting trained as both an EFT Master Trainer & Practitioner and as a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and have been using these modalities, along with the Grief Recovery Method and Transformation Prayer Ministry, for six years now with clients. Not only have these revolutionary techniques brought me a better quality of life and helped me change my negative beliefs about myself,  they have also helped to transform the lives of my clients. I have now added both the Internal Family Systems model and Destiny Coaching to my practice.  Internal Family Systems is sometimes called ‘parts’ work and Destiny Coaching is all about supporting you into the fullness of your God-given divine destiny.  After all these years, I believe that when you are co-creating your life with God, everything flows more easily, you are honoring your true destiny.  When you see who you really are from God’s perspective, everything changes for the better. I have been able to seamlessly utilize these brilliant models with all the other modalities to help clients heal and move forward in life.

I work with clients that run the gamut of childhood abuse to those looking for career change, better relationships and of course stepping into their true destiny. My joy is to see everyone reaching their goals and their highest potential!

I am a member of AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Therapies), Actor’s Equity, Screen Actor’s Guild & Association of Film & Television Artists. 

My training and certification includes Destiny Coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) EFT Master Trainer, Adv Level 3 Practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting Specialist, Matrix Birth Reimprinting and Health Reimprinting, Grief Recovery Specialist®, Internal Family Systems, Christian Physical Healing through Prayer, Christian Prophetics, Transformation Prayer Ministry,  PTT (Picture Tapping Technique) Soma, Voice, Shakespeare, Movement for Actors, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.


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