07 Oct

My Winter’s Journey

Spring is finally here in full force, my favorite season! It has been an incredible blessing over the winter months, spending time with myself, while becoming a Destiny Coach, taking spiritual and Internal Family Systems classes. Maybe it’s my age and the time of life to reflect, maybe. But I also remember those long summer months of vacation in Australia as a kid, of having the opportunity and time to do nothing if I chose. There was a slowness, a stillness, a time to dream, a time to reflect, a time for play. I remember one of my favorite things to do was to read in the back of our car in the carport. It was the shadiest and coolest place around.  We didn’t have air-conditioning and I would read and nap, think, daydream and reflect on what I was reading. That has got to be one of my favorite things to do even now. Mostly though I don’t give myself that pleasure, that joy enough.

Something wonderful happened this winter though as I was in this apartment with beautiful views and sun bursting through the windows. I felt called to spend time here, to slow down, to go inside even more deeply and to connect with God even more deeply. Everything that was ready to heal came up and having this relationship with God, He was able to love me and heal me through some unhealed events from the past.  Being that our life is a journey and we will hopefully always be on that journey, that journey of love, acceptance, forgiveness, purpose and connection with God.  Just like nature which is quiet in winter, resting, renewing and working underneath, in the roots and in the sap as it prepares for Spring, so it is important for us too to do the same, to slow down, reflect and renew.

Many people are running away from themselves. I know I still was. Recently I was reminded of Rumi’s beautiful quote: “The wound is where the light enters”. If the wound is where the light enters wouldn’t we seek the light?  Problem is, we have to go through the wound, sometimes opening up a scab that underneath is still not completely healed. We have to reveal that which is probably very uncomfortable and sometimes very scary. We have to look at the negative judgements about ourselves that we hold which, by the way, are just not true. We have to find the place where it is safe to let them go.

That’s why I have continued to search and find these wonderful techniques which not only help you to heal past wounds but also I’ve learned how to help you feel safe to heal and unburden any limiting beliefs you may have learned that keep you from stepping into your true destiny.

I have always sought for meaning in life, the meaning of why I am here and I continue to have everyday miracles, insights and guidance from God about that. What I love about God is that nothing is random.  I have seen that I am so much more than this life, this particular journey. This journey can be very up and down and challenging but it has been so worth it. My pilgrim journey of discovering who I am in the light of God who loves me unconditionally, this journey of lifting the veils of unconsciousness to discover the amazing light within each and everyone of us.

This marvelous Winter’s Journey of Realization of healing and learning could not have been possible with out the supernatural help, love and support from above I have had. Knowing that I am not alone and, even though I had felt alone in the past, I have realized that there was always someone watching over me and guiding me. Nor would it have been possible with out the incredible earth angels I have had in colleagues, spiritual mentors and expert coaches.
It couldn’t have been possible either without you my most important clients who trusted me enough to share your incredible precious selves. I honor you always, your courage to heal and to step forward into your destiny, is my inspiration. We are all one!

With love and blessings,






19 Mar



While praying and meditating this morning, I asked God what He wanted to teach me today and the word Integrity came to my mind.

The Oxford English Dictionary Definition of Integrity is:

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. The state of being whole, entire, or undiminished.

I felt that God was telling me to not only to be more in integrity to others but to be more in integrity to myself. So often over the years I have taken advice from others, believed them, forged ahead and things backfired for me and I ended up out of integrity. I didn’t trust my own gut, my own intuition, I often followed someone else’s advice as I believed they knew better than me. Perhaps if I had counseled myself, gone within to weigh whether this advice was something I felt was the right way to go for me? Perhaps I would have served myself better.

This doesn’t mean that we can’t ask someone else’s advice who may have expertise in the field you are asking about but why not turn inside first, to reflect and connect to God. After all we are all tapped into the source of all creation, we just have to listen and to trust our intuition. If you are not used to that, find ways to increase your skill in it. It takes practice. You have your own unique path in life and this is why it is important to trust and go within to find out what or where you are supposed to be and where you can best serve.

Choose trustworthy people who fully support you. Those who support you in finding out, for yourself, how to come to the choice, the decision that is for your highest good. Go to those who encourage and help you to see who you really are, who value your opinion and ask questions that help you to find what is true for you. When you come from your heart in a loving way it will be easier to stay in integrity. You will know it’s right in your gut.

Make sure you are not doing something out of fear.

It’s interesting to me how when I set an Intention as I did with Integrity, all the times I was not in integrity came up to the light to be healed. It can be very uncomfortable.  All those experiences that my subconscious had hidden away, ignored, pushed down, gone unconscious about, simply because I couldn’t handle it on my own, didn’t know how to handle it, or felt too guilty about. Well, it came up to the light to be healed, it was time. Whether that was to forgive myself, forgive others or to ask for forgiveness, it was time.

I think of this healing work like going to exercise class. If I don’t exercise, my body breaks down and I am not as strong, as healthy, or flexible. I feel the same way about my mind, my emotions and my spirit. I want to keep them healthy, flexible, open and always growing.

If you can relate to any of this, it is time to heal. Not healing may be blocking you from sharing your gifts in the world, having great relationships and of you feeling at peace in your soul. It will also get in the way of you manifesting all that you dream as you will feel unworthy until it is cleared and you are again in integrity.

We are moving towards being whole, entire and undiminished!

So for sure, up came all that stuff from the past where I was not in integrity, where I may have unwittingly hurt people or was not in integrity with myself. I had to clean it all up. It was an opportunity, a blessing even though it doesn’t always feel that way. I know it was worth it as it will be for you!


Love and Blessings Always,



11 Mar

Reflection and the Seasons

I am ready for Spring weather and it looks like it may be here! Yay!!! The winter was an incredible blessing for me, since I didn’t have to commute to the office after January. I had more time to spend at home between clients reflecting on many issues and being with myself. I was reminded of those long summer months of vacation in Australia growing up, of having the opportunity and time to do nothing if I chose. There was a slowness, a stillness, a time to dream, a time to reflect, a time for play. I remember one of my favorite things to do was to read in the back of our car in the carport. It was the shadiest place around and I would read and nap, think, daydream. That has got to be one of my favorite things to do even now. Mostly though I don’t give myself that pleasure, that joy enough. I was always to busy and would feel guilty if I spent time either not doing anything or playing.


Something wonderful happened this winter as I was in this apartment with beautiful views and sun bursting through the windows. I felt called to spend time here, to slow down, to go inside even more deeply and to heal even more deeply. Everything that was ready to heal came up to the light. Being that our life is a journey and we will always be on that journey of finding deeper self love and acceptance. Just like nature which is quiet in winter, resting, renewing and working underneath, preparing for Spring, it was important for me too, to do the same, to slow down, reflect and renew.

Most people are running away from themselves. I know I still was. I am reminded of Rumi’s quote: “The wound is where the light enters”. If the wound is where the light enters wouldn’t we seek the light? Problem is, we have to go through the wound, sometimes opening up a scab that underneath is still not completely healed. We have to reveal that which is uncomfortable and sometimes scary. We have to look at the negative judgements about ourselves that we hold which, by the way, are just not true.  We have to find the place where it is safe to transform them. We can safely heal with gentle techniques such as EFT (Emotional Healing Techniques), Matrix Reimprinting, Grief Recovery Method and Internal Family Systems. When you do heal, what is revealed is more and more of your connection to Divine Love and the discovery that you are enough, lovable and that your dreams are possible!

I have always sought the truth and this winter wonderful things have opened up to me of such beauty and bliss, that it is hard to describe. I continue to have everyday miracles, insights and guidance from above. We are all so much more than this life, this particular journey. I’m not saying it’s always easy, it can be very up and down on this journey but it is so worth it. Our pilgrim journey of discovering who we are, this journey of lifting the veils  to discover the amazing light within each and everyone of us.


I think of clearing our energy, of getting our energy system unstuck, of changing any negative thoughts as something to be done continuously. We go to the gym and exercise classes to keep our bodies fit and flexible. We eat healthy food and pray and meditate. We brush our  teeth and floss. I also take care of my emotional system and get rid of any blocks and fears that crop up and get in the way of me achieving my goals.

I believe it is of prime importance to take care your emotions and spirit which affects every part of your body and create your life at every moment of every day.

Love and blessings always,


27 Jan



The snow started falling in the morning and as it landed on my balcony I happened to look out and see all these little stars on the concrete and the furniture.  I can’t believe I’d never noticed snowflakes like this before.  I guess living in the city and not having grown up with snow, I mostly saw snow as cold, (I don’t like cold) and a nuisance.  It turns to a brown slushy mess and can be an inconvenience.

But here was this incredible miracle as I gazed out on the balcony and saw all these unique little stars.  They were each very beautiful and completely different.  I felt like a kid again in awe and wonder. The miracle of snow that each snowflake is unique, not one the same as another, how amazing is that?   It’s just like us.  There are billions of people in the world and not one is the same, we are all unique and beautiful and a miracle just like the snowflakes.

I saw another miracle as I was riding the bus to my exercise class.  It was lightly snowing and as we stopped to pick up some passengers I saw a few birds on a tree, flying from branch to branch and I couldn’t tell if they were enjoying the snow or not but I marveled that here they were with only some feathers keeping them warm in this 20 degree weather.

One of the birds was a robin, the harbinger of Spring.  I always get excited when I see a robin towards the end of winter as it gives me hope that Spring is coming soon.  Here was this robin in the middle of winter, did he or she have her timing off?  I understood it as God showing me that there is always hope and even though our ‘winters’ in life may be difficult and may never seem to end, there is always hope that Spring will eventually come.  Each season in life has it’s value and it’s importance.  Life goes on, in it’s beautiful and inimitable way.

My prayer for you is that you always know deep in your heart that you, like the snowflakes, are a miracle, exquisitely beautiful and magnificent in your uniqueness.  I hope that you would know that if you are going through struggles, hardships and difficulties, that Spring will be here soon.  Look for the miracles in your life, they are there, you just have to be open to seeing them. I was never able to see the miracle of the snowflake because I was looking at it the wrong way, I could only see all the negatives of snow and I wasn’t open to the miracle.

I remember how when things were very hard for my family  just a few years back. I thought of Job a lot at that time and when the challenges just never seemed to end, the thought of Job and his patience did help me to persevere and not give up. I experienced many miracles among the struggles.  I knew that there was a reason for these hardships and the learning was profound, I can attest to that.  Those difficult times ended and Spring came in all its glory.

Recently a friend of one of my son’s killed himself, it was absolutely heartbreaking.  It seemed he had never been happy. How sad, that this young person, never knew how precious he was, how much he was loved by God.  There is always an answer, there is always hope, there is always the promise of Spring and there are always miracles.  We just have to be open to seeing them, have patience to await them and faith that God will never abandon us.

Remember to love others no matter what. Let them know they are precious to you. Let them know that you care, let them know that their presence in your life is important, that they are important and lovable.  Spend time with those who are lonely, call or write to those who are apart from you.

Take extraordinary care of yourself, so that you can take extraordinary care of others.

You are a miracle!

Peace, blessings and love to you always,




19 Jan

How to be Gentle and Compassionate with Yourself

“Through your unique journey in life, you can make a difference
Through your trials, challenges and joys you have insights to help others
Through your embracing the light, you can bring peace to the world”.


1. Have Gentleness, Compassion and Forgiveness

One of the greatest things we can do for ourselves is to have love, compassion and forgiveness for ourselves. Not only will you be more at peace, and have more fun and joy in your life, but those wonderful feelings will reflect out to others. When we have compassion and understanding for our own faults and weaknesses, it allows us the opportunity to choose if we want to keep recreating these negative experiences in our life, or of choosing something more positive, effective and life-affirming. It’s not that we just accept our weaknesses as much as it is a surrendering them to a God, a loving Father, asking for help and guidance to improve, knowing that we are not alone and don’t have to go it alone. It’s also not that we don’t take action to do better. We do but we do it with gentleness, compassion and understanding at all times, especially when we fall.  (I just want to mention here that many people do not even like using the word “God” as they have had negative experiences of a religious nature.  People who have had experiences in some religious institutions or at home that turned them off, they experienced rejection and deep hurt. I understand that and I have experienced the same but as I have journeyed through life, studied, prayed, meditated, contemplated, read and experienced. I know that oftentimes little of our true loving God is in religion – what is left is often fear, judgement and rejection. I do believe and have experienced that our true God is our most loving, benevolent and beneficent Papa just waiting to bless us with abundant love and provision. So try to imagine the most loving, kind, wise, supportive, forgiving Dad and multiply that a thousandfold. Then maybe we are getting somewhat close to what God is truly like.)

2. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

When we beat ourselves up, for whatever it is we may be angry at ourselves for, it causes resistance in us and there is no way we can choose anything positive. We are coming from ‘survival at all costs’.  We become ‘stuck’.  Sometimes our challenges will bring us to our knees as we realize that we need Divine help. When we open ourselves to this Divine help, we are on the path of healing and transformation. We have support. This help that may come in the form of a person, a book or even a song so be open to miracles occuring.

3. Remember You Are Valuable

Never forget that you are valuable beyond measure. Your life and your experiences have tremendous value for your growth in consciousness and for those around you. Try to look at everything, (even the experiences which you feel are humiliating or shameful) with compassion and understanding.  If you messed up, you were no doubt coming from fear and survival. These events can be an opportunity for learning true humility and, believe it or not, this can be a gift. These life lessons can help us to have compassion for others who may also be struggling in the same way.  Believe me, most people have skeletons in their closets!  It’s all okay.  God is not judging you, so be extremely gentle with yourself and follow through with integrity.  Take extra-ordinary care of yourself.  Forgiveness is key to making changes and if you have to ask for forgiveness from others, so be it.  Whatever brings peace in your hearts.

4. Bring Everything to the Light

Bring everything to the light of God.
Watch your thoughts and remember we have 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day. Notice how often they are negative. Notice how often you are hard and punishing on yourself. Notice if you are comparing yourself to others and choose something else, something much more positive.  Imagine you were talking to a little child.  Would you be so harsh?  I think you would try to be understanding and gentle. Choose to treat yourself in the same way.  We are still children in many ways and we are always on a journey of learning about life.  Your life has unique value that only you can experience and share. You have unique gifts and talents filtered through your life’s experiences. Never devalue the importance of your life and of YOU.

Love always,


01 Jan


Procrastination Word Cloud Concept

Some of my clients asked me to give them a Tapping Script that may help them on a daily basis with their procrastination. So I have written one here below. I would also like to talk a little bit about procrastination and to remind you that you are not bad or wrong for procrastinating. Go easy on yourself, in fact it is of PRIME importance NOT to beat yourself up for procrastinating, that is only going to make things worse.

We procrastinate because our brain is trying to keep us ‘safe’.  Our brain is thinking subconsciously, if we get this achieved the long term payoff is too scary, I may be killed, be successful, be seen, stand out, get more clients, be too successful or any number of other scenarios or fears that keep us stuck in repeated patterns of not getting things done.  Or if you think in terms of ‘parts’ work (Internal Family Systems), there is a part or parts of you that would find it ‘not safe’ to move forward on the goal you are wanting to achieve.

Now that doesn’t mean we won’t be ‘busy’ filling up our time with tasks. It is important to ask yourself, is this helping me to get my important tasks done first? Do you find yourself wasting precious time on Facebook watching adorable kittens, watching TV or shopping? doing things that are not helping you to go forward in getting your important book written, calling up that client, following through with your taxes or whatever it is you need to get done?

So here are some pointers that have helped me and others do those important tasks first:

  • Write a list the night before with the important tasks to be done first.
  • Do the hardest tasks first.
  • Put the list either on our computer where you can cross it off or up on your wall, where it is in your face and  hard to ignore.
  • Have a timer beside you that gives you 5,10, 20 or 30 minutes to do the difficult tasks. Whatever is the amount where you can feel ‘safe’ putting in the time.
  • If you have more than one task, use that timer for each, it is really helpful.
  • Congratulate yourself or getting them done, either do a silly dance, sound the ‘Applause’ (free app) on your phone or jump up and down wildly. Do something crazy fun. By doing this, you are retraining your brain that doing these so-called difficult tasks can actually be fun.

Another thing to consider is how are you going to feel on your death bed, if you never achieved the goals you had set for yourself or achieved what you thought you were here to do in this life. I want to pass on from this life knowing that I did achieve what I set out to do or know that I did the best that I could. I would feel terrible knowing I wasted my gifts by procrastinating and reminding myself of this, keeps the fire lit under me.

Yes, it does take some discipline. I know that can be a dreaded word for many but honestly after you have achieved the task you feel so much better. It’s worth it, so if you need to do some minor gritting of teeth to just start, I say why not?

An important thing I do is I always check in with God, sometimes we push ourselves into goals that are perhaps not what we really want in our hearts. We just think we ought to. Maybe there is or was an expectation by our family, perhaps we made a vow a long time ago but now we really don’t want to follow that anymore. It is completely acceptable to let go of a goal that you really don’t want. Just make sure what is true for you.

All that being said, here is a script for you and I hope it will be helpful. Remember that you can change the words to fit yourself. The diagram of the points are below though there is no Wrist Point in this diagram, the Wrist Point is inside the wrist, where you would take your pulse. I wish you Peace!

KC (Karate Chop Point): Even though I don’t want to do…………………….., I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it. In fact I don’t even want to think about it, I am not going to think about it, I can accept myself anyway

Even though I don’t want to do……………………….., I refuse to do……………………, I will never do……………….., it’s too hard, it’s disgusting, it’s so much easier wasting my time on other more fun things, I am open to seeing this issue from a different point of view, I am open to to letting go of some of my fear and I deeply and completely accept myself

Even though the thought of doing this task gives me a headache, makes me feel nauseous, embarrassed, guilty (or whatever it is for you). I am open to giving myself credit for dealing with this, for tapping on this issue and trying to work through my procrastination and I deeply and profoundly accept myself.

TH (Top of the Head): This procrastination

EB (Eye Brow Point): This procrastinating

SE (Side of the Eye): I’m tired of procrastinating

UE (Under the Eye): I’m sick and tired of not taking care of myself

UN (Under the Nose): This procrastinating

CP (Chin Point): I’m done with it

CB (Collar Bone Point): I’m sick of it

UA (Under the Arm): I’m sick of not getting stuff done

UC (Under the Chest): I’m sick of wasting my own time

WP (Wrist Point): This procrastination

TH: This procrastination

EB: This procrastination

SE: This procrastinating

UE: I’m over it

UN: I’m done with it

CP: I’m tired of it

CB: I’ve had enough of it

UA: What if I could do a little bit of the task?

UC: What if I could feel safe doing a little?

WP: No, that’s not possible

TH: What if it could be fun?

EB: Not possible

SE: What if I could value myself a bit?

UE: What if it is not as scary as it seems?

UN: This fear

CP: This fear

CB: This fear

UA: It’s way too scary

UC: Opening up a can of worms

WP: Too scary

TH: It’s never going to happen

EB: Too scary

SE: I’m not brave enough

UE: It’s life and death for me

UN: I just want to let this fear go

CP: I’m so tired of it

CB: I just want to let it go

UA: What if I could let some of the fear go?

UC: What if I am safe?

WP: What if I am safe?

TH: What if could try a little bit at a time?

EB: What if I could be safe doing that?

SE: What if I am safe?

UE: What if it could be fun?

UN: What if I am worth it?

CP: What if I could do it?

CB: What if it could be fun?

UA: What if could start slow?

WP: What if I am worthy?

Just remember to listen to your body and if there is any tension then you  know you need to tap more. Remember that we always tap on the negative and when the feelings (negative) go down to a 4 or below then you can bring in some positive affirmations or in this case I brought in open ended questions which kick the brain into finding solutions for itself. If asking those questions brings out a big NO, then keep tapping on the negative some more until you feel ready to accept the positive.

Remember you are valuable beyond measure and I hope you feel better from Tapping with this script and you will be able to achieve those tasks and goals you set out to do.

Don’t forget you can always reach out to me for a free consult if you want to work more deeply on your issues to get unstuck and to reach your divine potential in life.



Love and blessings,




16 Dec

EFT Holiday Tapping Script


For some people the holidays can bring up some stress. Here’s a little holiday Tapping script for you that I hope will be helpful.

Take three big deep breaths, thinking about the holidays and what feelings they bring up for you. Note what the feelings are and where they are in your body and just acknowledge them, they are simply energy and when you allow them to be without judgement they will shift and change. Then start to tap gently 5 to 7 times on the Karate Chop Point.

Karate Chop Point (KC): Even though the holidays are coming up and there is a part of me that feels it is exciting and wonderful, there is another part of me that feels dread at the stress and relationship obligations I have to handle, I deeply and completely honor and accept my feelings about it.

KC: Even though I find it difficult to to know what is expected of me, I am open to taking care of myself this year and creating boundaries.

KC: Even though I have become stressed in the past, I’m open to doing things differently this year. I’m open to honoring my limitations and to realize I can’t please all the people all of the time.

Top of the Head (TH): This stress.

Eye brow Point (EB): This stress.

Side of the Eye (SE): I don’t want to deal with it

Under the Eye (UE): This stress about the holidays

Under the Nose (UN): This holiday stress

Chin Point (CP): This……………(put in any emotions you may be feeling such as resentment, anger, fear etc).

Collar Bone (CB): Too much stress.

Under the Arm (UA): All the responsibility

Under the Chest (UC): These feelings

Wrist Point (WP): These feelings

Keep Tapping as many rounds of the above as you need to until all those feelings have gone to a level 4 or below (on a scale of 1-10).

Then you can move on to the rest of the script below.

Top of the head (TH): Maybe it’s okay to take care of myself.

Eyebrow point (EB): Maybe it’s possible for me to get my needs met during this time of the year.

Side of the eye (SE): I’m open to not overdoing it

Under the eye (UE): I’m open to not overtaxing my finances

Under the nose (UN): It’s okay for me to enjoy myself

Chin Point (CP): I give myself permission to enjoy others for who they are without expectations.

Collar Bone (CB): I’m open to having a good time without going overboard.

Under the arm (UA): What if I can remember what the holidays are really about?

Under the Chest (UC): What if things could be different this year?

Wrist Point (WP): What if I could be calm and confident?

TH: What if I can find ways to relax?

EB:: What if I could create strong boundaries for myself?

SE: I am grateful for being me and all that I have in my life.

UE: I’m open to things rolling off my back like water off a duck’s back.

UN: I can be gentle and compassionate with myself and others.

CP: I’m open to letting go of expectations of how these holidays should be.

CB: I give myself permission to be happy and get my needs met.

UA: I give myself permission to be feel relaxed and to enjoy myself.

Take a few deep breaths and check in with your body and note how you are feeling. If you are feeling good then that is great. If you still feel a little anxious then tap another round or two or add in some of your own thoughts and feelings into the script.

I hope you have a blessed holiday season!






07 Dec

Message From God



I want to encourage everyone to spend quiet, still time, every day with God.  Spend time in quiet reflection and know on a deep and profound level that we are connected to something so much greater than our limited conscious mind. Keep surrendering any fears or worries in your life and ask for all that you need from the  Source of divine love that has only our best interest and our highest good at heart.

It is important to contemplate and reflect and if you listen with an open mind and heart on a loving God, there will always be answers for you. They may not come immediately and they may come through in an unusual way.  Always be open in heart and mind.


Here is a message I received the other day and I would like to share with you, it may have meaning for you too:


Be curious!

Just when you think you know something, be sure there is much, much, more to learn. You are only scratching the surface.

Be confidant that there is never an end to this learning, there is never an end to becoming more loving.

Just when you think you are pretty confident you know what you are doing, you receive a new learning and you are cracked open and you begin to doubt yourself.  You think, “Do I really know anything?”

Well, you know a little, that’s true. And you are growing everyday and this is very beautiful.

Know that you have My light within you and when you open yourself and become more vulnerable to learning from Me, you will grow ever more brighter.  Your light will start to shine to more and more people. Your light will shine through the darkness and bring light to those who are struggling.

People will be attracted to you like a moth to a flame. And you have the opportunity to share this light, to lighten their burdens.

Do not be afraid!

I am with you always, I have your back. You are never alone.

My love for you goes beyond all limits. There are no boundaries for My love for you. Have confidence in that.

Be open to receiving My love, My compassion, My mercy, My joy for this beautiful work you are doing.

Be open to love, to being loved and to loving others.

You are precious and I love you!


With love and blessings,


28 Oct

All You Need is Love

As I was doing my morning contemplating and praying. What came to into my mind was the word ‘protection’.   As life was sending me one hard knock after another as it sometimes does. I was taking it hard and personally and beating myself up, figuratively that is. The person I needed protection from was myself! No wonder I wasn’t feeling my best.   My energy wasn’t in a good place. I hate to admit this because I ‘should’ know better after all, I help others to transform these feelings.   I do see others’ immense value but it is not always easy to see my own. That is our limited human mind.

I realized that I was not loving myself and I was able to immediately change and give myself and my younger inner self, some compassion and love.   The Beatles song is right, “All you need is love”.  All we need is to love ourselves first and when we love ourselves first and foremost, we automatically love others. It is like a fragrance that exudes out to others. Love is oxygen for the heart and soul.   In essence we are loving the little child within us. Some people were not shown love and acceptance  when they were little and so they forget and slip back into the old pattern of how they were treated when they were young. It is very hard for those with abusive childhoods to even know what it is like to feel loved or lovable. They don’t feel worthy of love and so it is hard for them to give it to themselves, to others and also to receive it.

Turn to God and ask Him to show you how much you are loved. He is faithful and will answer your prayers. He showed His undying love for each and everyone of us when He sent His beloved son Jesus to die on the cross for us. You are that valuable to Him and to Jesus!

We must always know that we are valuable not only because we are made in the image and likeness of God, who knit us in our mother’s wombs. God is a loving Father, who cherishes us and made each of us with a unique divine purpose.  In God we are never orphans. We are lovable (in spite of our faults), simply because we are God’s children.  Try to not judge others too harshly, including yourself, take care of your needs first and then others after.  After all the Bible says to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” It is very hard to love anyone if you don’t know how to love yourself first. Learn what it feels like to feel good in your body, relaxed and at ease and ask God to help you to find peace and love within you.  Love the little child within you if he/she didn’t get it when young. You can now be the loving parent.  When you are feeling down, tense, angry etc, it is because you are becoming the hard judgmental adult within yourself.   Choose instead love, acceptance, gentleness, forgiveness and compassion. Everyone deserves it!   Run to get the healing you need and when you get the right healing you will know, you will start to relax and to feel at peace in your body and in your heart and soul. You are worth it!

Much Love Always,


24 Sep

The Divine Spark Within

We each have the Divine Spark within us

We can most definitely learn from others, yes of course but at some point we have to slow the influx of information and turn within, nurturing our inner life.   We have the capacity to do many things but we have to ask ourselves some questions before we leap into another project. We can ask ourselves:

  • If I do this course, read this book, email, Facebook post, go out to another gathering, etc, is it leading me in the direction that I want, is it filling me up or is it leading me away from my goal and/or into procrastination?
  • Is this aligned with my higher purpose?
  • Will it create peace in my life?

I believe that each and everyone has a purpose here. I don’t know what yours is but what I do know is that when we are living our purpose we are happy. I don’t know that it is easy but it is definitely fulfilling and living it, will help others. They will see your ability to reach your goals, to be emotionally free and that you are living your dreams.   To do this we must turn within to God who is in each and everyone of us. As we go deep inside through contemplation and prayer we start to see who we really are, we become connected to the Source which is love beyond all understanding. We gain insights and our intuition increases. We learn to trust, accepting that we are loved completely and in spite of our faults.

You are valuable and precious, you are never alone, always loved, always cherished. Your only problem may be that you are not aware or you have forgotten who you really are in God’s eyes and are not allowing yourself to accept so much love waiting to pour into you.   Open your hearts and take a leap of faith and say “I am open to receiving love, I am open to receiving abundance, I am open to receiving miracles.” Say this everyday and surrender your fear, surrender you worries, surrender your cynicism to God and say “What if this were possible?”

You ARE worth it!

Much love always,