Destiny Coaching

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As I have worked with clients over the years I have discovered that many of us can sometimes struggle with seeing ourselves in a positive light. Often due to childhood trauma we have limiting beliefs about ourselves.  No matter what background we come from and no matter what challenges we have had to go through in life, each and every one of us has immeasurable value. I was so happy to discover Destiny Coaching where I learned the skills to coach people into seeing the truth of who they truly are in God’s eyes and not the sum of negative beliefs they have believed about themselves. This is truly life-changing, giving us the path to step into our purpose and destiny.

Whether you have a vision for your life, dreams that have yet to be fulfilled, or are not sure yet of your purpose, God has more for us to discover. Re-connect with your heart and vision and discover the important jigsaw pieces of your life and get breakthrough.

This program will help you to see the truth and help you hear the truth from God. It is awe-inspiring and freeing. You start to see yourself from God’s perspective which is always positive, loving and affirming. You really were made for a unique purpose and Destiny Coaching helps you to be able to step into and live that purpose fully.

In this program, you will discover your unique life purpose. You will learn invaluable tools to:

  • clarify and grow life vision,
  • discover your passion, your purpose, your destiny,
  • identify and overcome fear and other obstacles, improving confidence and focus,
  • hear from and co-create with God,
  • understand motivational keys to success and create effective, life plans to move forward

You are unique and I honor your journey. This is why this program is not a one size fits all program. It will be designed for you uniquely. It will address your goals and your dreams. You will break through blocks and increase your relationship and connection with your Creator. You will learn more about you, your strengths and your weaknesses and learn how to work better with both.

I will be your coach, your guide, your ally, your cheerleader. I will be remind you of who you really are if you have moments of doubt. You were created for a reason, to love and be loved and also to leave a positive legacy behind. It may be in your family, in your neighborhood or in the whole world.

When you are aligned with your purpose, everything about your life falls into place. You see that nothing that has happened in your life is ever wasted but rather was part of your preparation.

I invite you into this incredible journey of getting to know yourself on an even deeper level and discovering the gold that is within you. I work with clients who are committed to personal growth, to believing in themselves and in discovering their purpose and destiny.

I offer 3-month  6-session and 6-month, 12-session programs, there will be some homework and play work and while there will be no judgment on my part, I may call you out on some stuff that may be holding you back.

Scholarships available on request.

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