Picture Tapping Technique

Picture Tapping Technique is a fusion between Art Therapy and Energy Psychology that brings impressive resolution of issues rapidly and painlessly. It is sometimes less traumatic for the client and very frequently faster resolution can be achieved. My experience is that when tapping on oneself while describing what was drawn on the page the issue is resolved in the subconscious while the client does not need to dwell in any emotional trauma.

The Picture Tapping Technique is a way of using EFT or other Energy Psychology techniques along with the power of metaphor and the imagination, to release problems in a painless and indirect way.


Because the Picture Tapping Technique uses metaphor and symbols it allows disclosures that are difficult to express either verbally or by using other modalities. I find it easy to use on yourself.

What can it be used on?

The Picture Tapping Technique is particularly useful where the problem is very non-specific or “Global” in nature. When used on these types of problems, it will often find the underlying core-events, or it will deal with the underlying core events without them coming into consciousness.

For example: Low Self Esteem, Depression, Generalized anxiety –

  • “My family situation”
  • “I was bullied at school”
  • “My Mother”
  • “My money worries”
  • “My blocks to success”
  • .. and many more

Picture Tapping Technique may also be used on Specific Problems:

Specific problems where the cause is known but the event is felt too keenly to be addressed directly. In this way it can be a very disassociative technique.

  • Specific physical problems (Eg: this headache, this pain in my knee, etc.)
  • Specific emotional problems (Eg: Spider Phobia, Anger at my boss etc.)
  • Specific problems that appear to be blocked and are resisting clearance using other methods

What’s great about Picture Tapping and the way Gail Mae worked, is she didn’t even have to know what I was working on with all the details and I still felt I made a nice shift. Gail Mae guided me to draw how I was feeling about what my issue was. It was an internal journey and with her help I was able to come to a new perspective in a gentle way. I recommend Gail Mae highly for her intuitive guidance and gentle soul.
~ Annie Siegel Alexander, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified EFT Practitioner, Self-Care and Stress Free Coaching

The Picture Tapping Technique is effective when being used to address abstract ideas:

Like the “Global” problems above, the technique can (and has) been used very successfully on abstract ideas.

  • “All the events that are behind this problem”
  • “My resistance to letting go of the problem”
  • “The Karma from my past lives”
  • “Writers Block”
  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “Something terrible is going to happen”
  • “My immune system”


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