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Procrastination Word Cloud Concept

Some of my clients asked me to give them a Tapping Script that may help them on a daily basis with their procrastination. So I have written one here below. I would also like to talk a little bit about procrastination and to remind you that you are not bad or wrong for procrastinating. Go easy on yourself, in fact it is of PRIME importance NOT to beat yourself up for procrastinating, that is only going to make things worse.

We procrastinate because our brain is trying to keep us ‘safe’.  Our brain is thinking subconsciously, if we get this achieved the long term payoff is too scary, I may be killed, be successful, be seen, stand out, get more clients, be too successful or any number of other scenarios or fears that keep us stuck in repeated patterns of not getting things done.  Or if you think in terms of ‘parts’ work (Internal Family Systems), there is a part or parts of you that would find it ‘not safe’ to move forward on the goal you are wanting to achieve.

Now that doesn’t mean we won’t be ‘busy’ filling up our time with tasks. It is important to ask yourself, is this helping me to get my important tasks done first? Do you find yourself wasting precious time on Facebook watching adorable kittens, watching TV or shopping? doing things that are not helping you to go forward in getting your important book written, calling up that client, following through with your taxes or whatever it is you need to get done?

So here are some pointers that have helped me and others do those important tasks first:

  • Write a list the night before with the important tasks to be done first.
  • Do the hardest tasks first.
  • Put the list either on our computer where you can cross it off or up on your wall, where it is in your face and  hard to ignore.
  • Have a timer beside you that gives you 5,10, 20 or 30 minutes to do the difficult tasks. Whatever is the amount where you can feel ‘safe’ putting in the time.
  • If you have more than one task, use that timer for each, it is really helpful.
  • Congratulate yourself or getting them done, either do a silly dance, sound the ‘Applause’ (free app) on your phone or jump up and down wildly. Do something crazy fun. By doing this, you are retraining your brain that doing these so-called difficult tasks can actually be fun.

Another thing to consider is how are you going to feel on your death bed, if you never achieved the goals you had set for yourself or achieved what you thought you were here to do in this life. I want to pass on from this life knowing that I did achieve what I set out to do or know that I did the best that I could. I would feel terrible knowing I wasted my gifts by procrastinating and reminding myself of this, keeps the fire lit under me.

Yes, it does take some discipline. I know that can be a dreaded word for many but honestly after you have achieved the task you feel so much better. It’s worth it, so if you need to do some minor gritting of teeth to just start, I say why not?

An important thing I do is I always check in with God, sometimes we push ourselves into goals that are perhaps not what we really want in our hearts. We just think we ought to. Maybe there is or was an expectation by our family, perhaps we made a vow a long time ago but now we really don’t want to follow that anymore. It is completely acceptable to let go of a goal that you really don’t want. Just make sure what is true for you.

All that being said, here is a script for you and I hope it will be helpful. Remember that you can change the words to fit yourself. The diagram of the points are below though there is no Wrist Point in this diagram, the Wrist Point is inside the wrist, where you would take your pulse. I wish you Peace!

KC (Karate Chop Point): Even though I don’t want to do…………………….., I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it. In fact I don’t even want to think about it, I am not going to think about it, I can accept myself anyway

Even though I don’t want to do……………………….., I refuse to do……………………, I will never do……………….., it’s too hard, it’s disgusting, it’s so much easier wasting my time on other more fun things, I am open to seeing this issue from a different point of view, I am open to to letting go of some of my fear and I deeply and completely accept myself

Even though the thought of doing this task gives me a headache, makes me feel nauseous, embarrassed, guilty (or whatever it is for you). I am open to giving myself credit for dealing with this, for tapping on this issue and trying to work through my procrastination and I deeply and profoundly accept myself.

TH (Top of the Head): This procrastination

EB (Eye Brow Point): This procrastinating

SE (Side of the Eye): I’m tired of procrastinating

UE (Under the Eye): I’m sick and tired of not taking care of myself

UN (Under the Nose): This procrastinating

CP (Chin Point): I’m done with it

CB (Collar Bone Point): I’m sick of it

UA (Under the Arm): I’m sick of not getting stuff done

UC (Under the Chest): I’m sick of wasting my own time

WP (Wrist Point): This procrastination

TH: This procrastination

EB: This procrastination

SE: This procrastinating

UE: I’m over it

UN: I’m done with it

CP: I’m tired of it

CB: I’ve had enough of it

UA: What if I could do a little bit of the task?

UC: What if I could feel safe doing a little?

WP: No, that’s not possible

TH: What if it could be fun?

EB: Not possible

SE: What if I could value myself a bit?

UE: What if it is not as scary as it seems?

UN: This fear

CP: This fear

CB: This fear

UA: It’s way too scary

UC: Opening up a can of worms

WP: Too scary

TH: It’s never going to happen

EB: Too scary

SE: I’m not brave enough

UE: It’s life and death for me

UN: I just want to let this fear go

CP: I’m so tired of it

CB: I just want to let it go

UA: What if I could let some of the fear go?

UC: What if I am safe?

WP: What if I am safe?

TH: What if could try a little bit at a time?

EB: What if I could be safe doing that?

SE: What if I am safe?

UE: What if it could be fun?

UN: What if I am worth it?

CP: What if I could do it?

CB: What if it could be fun?

UA: What if could start slow?

WP: What if I am worthy?

Just remember to listen to your body and if there is any tension then you  know you need to tap more. Remember that we always tap on the negative and when the feelings (negative) go down to a 4 or below then you can bring in some positive affirmations or in this case I brought in open ended questions which kick the brain into finding solutions for itself. If asking those questions brings out a big NO, then keep tapping on the negative some more until you feel ready to accept the positive.

Remember you are valuable beyond measure and I hope you feel better from Tapping with this script and you will be able to achieve those tasks and goals you set out to do.

Don’t forget you can always reach out to me for a free consult if you want to work more deeply on your issues to get unstuck and to reach your divine potential in life.



Love and blessings,




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