Get Unstuck! Healing and Positive Habits

Last week we talked about life messages, the messages you share in the world and contribute to the world. You have unique wisdom from your experiences in life.

Some of those experiences may have been so negative they seem to overide any positive ones. You can feel trapped, stuck and unable to overcome them. I want you to know that they are actually the keys to you understanding your life messages and transformation and freedom is possible.

Once you have healed the beliefs you learned during those negative experiences you are no longer a victim to them. Rather, you have the knowledge to help others to overcome them also. Once you are free, you can make a difference. When you are still stuck in them it is hard to help yourself or others.


The first step is to heal.

Talking about your issues can help if you have a non-judgmental ear and a good listener.  But has that issue actually been transformed where it no longer causes you grief, aggravation, and stress?

I became frustrated when I experienced talk therapy because I knew my story back to front and wasn’t interested in that negative story anymore, I wanted it transformed. I wanted to change my negative story into a positive story.

Remembering that 95% of our life is run by our subconscious, so if we want to heal those deep core negative beliefs, we have to do it through the subconscious. No one seemed to be able to help me at the time which is why I learned the techniques such as EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and IFS I now use with others and, using them for myself, I healed.


The second step after healing is to create positive habits.

  • One positive habit can be exercising.  It’s a discipline that can make you feel younger, stronger and happier.
  • Secondly developing self-awareness and positive mindsets will create confidence.
  • Thirdly, creating and adhering to SMART goals can help you to achieve your best life.

Have a great week!