11 Jun

How To Get Unstuck!


Last week we talked about life messages, the messages you are to share with the world,  contribute to the world and the wisdom you have from your unique experiences in life.

Some of these experiences may have been so negative that they can overtake any of the positive experiences you had. We can feel trapped by them, stuck in them and can’t seem to overcome them. I want you to know that they are actually the keys to you understanding your life messages and transformation and freedom is possible.

Once you have healed the beliefs you took on during those negative experiences you are no longer a victim to them but rather you now have the wisdom and knowledge to help others to overcome them also. Once you are free, you can make a difference. When you are still stuck in them it is hard to help yourself or others.

So the first step is to heal.

Talking about these negative experiences to a therapist can be therapeutic to a point but if you are stuck in the negative story and you think that if I just keep talking about it, you will get some insight and by getting this insight you are going to get free. Maybe it’s possible that that kind of thinking is why people have been in therapy for years. The talking about the issue lets off some steam because you have a non-judgmental ear but has that issue actually been transformed where it is not an issue anymore and no longer causes you grief, aggravation, and stress?

I was always frustrated when I went to talk therapy because I knew my story over and over and I wasn’t interested in that negative story anymore, I wanted it transformed. I wanted to change the negative story into a positive story. Remember that 95% of our life is run by our subconscious, so if we want to heal those deep core negative beliefs, we have to do it through the subconscious. No one seemed to be able to help me back then so I went about learning the techniques I now use with others and using them for myself, I became free.

Are we ever finished growing, learning and becoming even freer? I don’t believe we are ever done. There is always more to achieve and contribute isn’t there? I’m excited to continue on this journey, I hope you are too.

The second step after healing is to create positive habits.

One positive habit can be exercising.  It’s a discipline that makes us feel younger, stronger and happier. I could go on and on about the benefits of exercise for the mind and the body but exercising is only one aspect of taking care of ourselves. We need to have positive habits for our minds, our thoughts, and our emotions too. We need to take any negative thoughts captive and replace them with positive ones after we do the first step of healing.

More on step two next week, to be continued….

Have a great week!