Affirmations and the Subconscious

I love to think positive and I love positive thinkers, affirmations and all the trappings that go with it. For some people, it is easier to be positive than others. Is life simple for everyone? No, of course not, everyone has challenges. Some stay in a small circle of friends and family or belief system that keeps them relatively safe and is supportive of them. Perhaps they had a relatively happy and encouraging childhood and so they are not battling too much negative programming.

For others, it is just not as easy and they find it very difficult to get ahead and to reach their goals. Have you ever thought “How come they are able to get ahead?” or ” Why not me? “When is it going to be MY turn?” “What’s stopping me”? Well, to put it kindly and gently – it is YOU, stopping you. It is because of negative subconscious beliefs, what you believe deep down you deserve. This can be from negative programming from your parents, your ancestor’s beliefs (passed on through the generations), your environment, cultural belief systems and also lies you believed about yourself from childhood.

When something is a lie it is heavy when it is the truth it is light. Go about your day today and observe your thinking and the feelings connected to your thoughts, and then question yourself, “Is this thought or decision or judgment heavy (lie) or light (truth).

Once you start to observe your thoughts it is an eye opener and you can then start to choose whether you want to continue to believe these thoughts or not. Choice is freeing. Now the next step is once you have realized the negative beliefs and thinking you have is stopping you from achieving happiness and joy in your life, how do you change these negative beliefs into positive ones?

For most people with trauma in their lives and a negative upbringing, they cannot change unless they do some healing work on changing those beliefs. Their energetic vibration sometimes gets so low they need help in raising it so that they can attract positive experiences in their life (think of a pair of magnets depending on which ends you hold together they either repel or attract).

No matter HOW much positive thinking they do and hard work they do on themselves they will still not be able to achieve what they want until the negative beliefs held in the subconscious are transformed into positive beliefs.

I can help you to change those negative imprints through the techniques I use. They have been so helpful in my life and I invite you to experience ‘feeling free’ of the burdens and negative beliefs you have carried for so long.

Once you have worked on transforming those negative subconscious beliefs, then you will start to see results from those affirmations. You deserve a life of joy and abundance!

I send you love,