Gail Mae Ferguson

My Experience of Matrix Reimprinting

My experience of Matrix Reimprinting using EFT has been transformational. Since training in this modality, 10 years ago I have been able to change deep negative beliefs I had about myself that I learned from a childhood of abuse. For many years before, I tried every imaginable therapy, relating “my story” over and over again to new therapists who did nothing except take my checks and listen. I was so tired of hearing my story …

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Weight Loss and EFT-Tapping

When I work with clients regarding weight loss and EFT, we work on clearing all the subconscious blocks they have regarding weight loss. There are all kinds of reasons why people choose to keep or gain unwanted weight and I have found every client I have worked with has a different issue or a combination of them. Unless you clear the underlying negative subconscious beliefs no amount of diets will work. They may work for …

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Blog - God

Who is God?

I have clients that if I mention the word God to, they flinch and tense up. I can perhaps use the words higher power, the universe, and that is okay but “God” for them is connected to religion, and religion for them was not a good experience. They had such bad experiences that their hearts hold hurts and traumas that are rekindled every time they hear the word “God”.             …

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The Gift of You!

I love working with my clients and seeing them experience the beautiful gift of who they are. I have the privilege of seeing them reach their dreams and gain confidence in themselves. The world is at our feet and it is only our limited thinking and negative programming and beliefs that keep us stuck and repeating negative patterns. In our natural state of being, we are meant to feel at peace, no matter whether things …

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Affirmations and the Subconscious

I love to think positive and I love positive thinkers, affirmations and all the trappings that go with it. For some people, it is easier to be positive than others. Is life simple for everyone? No, of course not, everyone has challenges. Some stay in a small circle of friends and family or belief system that keeps them relatively safe and is supportive of them. Perhaps they had a relatively happy and encouraging childhood and …

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