07 Dec

Message From God



I want to encourage everyone to spend quiet, still time, every day with God.  Spend time in quiet reflection and know on a deep and profound level that we are connected to something so much greater than our limited conscious mind. Keep surrendering any fears or worries in your life and ask for all that you need from the  Source of divine love that has only our best interest and our highest good at heart.

It is important to contemplate and reflect and if you listen with an open mind and heart on a loving God, there will always be answers for you. They may not come immediately and they may come through in an unusual way.  Always be open in heart and mind.


Here is a message I received the other day and I would like to share with you, it may have meaning for you too:


Be curious!

Just when you think you know something, be sure there is much, much, more to learn. You are only scratching the surface.

Be confidant that there is never an end to this learning, there is never an end to becoming more loving.

Just when you think you are pretty confident you know what you are doing, you receive a new learning and you are cracked open and you begin to doubt yourself.  You think, “Do I really know anything?”

Well, you know a little, that’s true. And you are growing everyday and this is very beautiful.

Know that you have My light within you and when you open yourself and become more vulnerable to learning from Me, you will grow ever more brighter.  Your light will start to shine to more and more people. Your light will shine through the darkness and bring light to those who are struggling.

People will be attracted to you like a moth to a flame. And you have the opportunity to share this light, to lighten their burdens.

Do not be afraid!

I am with you always, I have your back. You are never alone.

My love for you goes beyond all limits. There are no boundaries for My love for you. Have confidence in that.

Be open to receiving My love, My compassion, My mercy, My joy for this beautiful work you are doing.

Be open to love, to being loved and to loving others.

You are precious and I love you!


With love and blessings,


28 Oct

All You Need is Love

As I was doing my morning contemplating and praying. What came to into my mind was the word ‘protection’.   As life was sending me one hard knock after another as it sometimes does. I was taking it hard and personally and beating myself up, figuratively that is. The person I needed protection from was myself! No wonder I wasn’t feeling my best.   My energy wasn’t in a good place. I hate to admit this because I ‘should’ know better after all, I help others to transform these feelings.   I do see others’ immense value but it is not always easy to see my own. That is our limited human mind.

I realized that I was not loving myself and I was able to immediately change and give myself and my younger inner self, some compassion and love.   The Beatles song is right, “All you need is love”.  All we need is to love ourselves first and when we love ourselves first and foremost, we automatically love others. It is like a fragrance that exudes out to others. Love is oxygen for the heart and soul.   In essence we are loving the little child within us. Some people were not shown love and acceptance  when they were little and so they forget and slip back into the old pattern of how they were treated when they were young. It is very hard for those with abusive childhoods to even know what it is like to feel loved or lovable. They don’t feel worthy of love and so it is hard for them to give it to themselves, to others and also to receive it.

Turn to God and ask Him to show you how much you are loved. He is faithful and will answer your prayers. He showed His undying love for each and everyone of us when He sent His beloved son Jesus to die on the cross for us. You are that valuable to Him and to Jesus!

We must always know that we are valuable not only because we are made in the image and likeness of God, who knit us in our mother’s wombs. God is a loving Father, who cherishes us and made each of us with a unique divine purpose.  In God we are never orphans. We are lovable (in spite of our faults), simply because we are God’s children.  Try to not judge others too harshly, including yourself, take care of your needs first and then others after.  After all the Bible says to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” It is very hard to love anyone if you don’t know how to love yourself first. Learn what it feels like to feel good in your body, relaxed and at ease and ask God to help you to find peace and love within you.  Love the little child within you if he/she didn’t get it when young. You can now be the loving parent.  When you are feeling down, tense, angry etc, it is because you are becoming the hard judgmental adult within yourself.   Choose instead love, acceptance, gentleness, forgiveness and compassion. Everyone deserves it!   Run to get the healing you need and when you get the right healing you will know, you will start to relax and to feel at peace in your body and in your heart and soul. You are worth it!

Much Love Always,


24 Sep

The Divine Spark Within


We each have the Divine Spark within us.

We can all learn from others in life but at some point, we have to slow the influx of information coming in and turn our attention within, nurturing our connection to our higher power and to seek truth from this place.   We have the capacity to do many things but we have to ask ourselves some questions before we leap into another project. It might be wise to ask ourselves:

  • If I do this course, read this book, check my emails, go on Facebook, go out to another gathering, etc, is it leading me in the direction that I want, is it filling me up or is it leading me away from my goals or am I procrastinating?
  • Is this aligned with my higher purpose?
  • Will it create peace in my life?

We each have a purpose here. I don’t know what yours is but what I do know is that when we are living our purpose we are happy. It may not be always easy but it is definitely fulfilling and living your purpose, will help others. They will see your ability to reach your goals, to be emotionally free and that you are achieving your dreams.   To do this we must turn within to listen to that still small voice. As we go deep inside through contemplation, meditation, and prayer, we start to see who we really are, we become connected to the Source which is love beyond all understanding. We gain insights and our wisdom and intuition increases. We learn to trust, accepting that we are loved completely, in spite of our faults.

We are valuable and precious, we are never alone, always loved, always cherished. Our only problem may be that we are not aware or have forgotten who we really are in God’s eyes and are not allowing ourselves to accept the love waiting to pour into us.  Try to be open to allowing God in and surrender your hearts. Take a leap of faith and say “I am open to receiving your love, I am open to receiving your abundance, I am open to receiving miracles.” Say this every day and surrender your fear, surrender your worries, surrender your cynicism to God and say “What if this were possible?” Don’t forget to say thank you for all that you do have. Gratitude creates emotional, physical and financial abundance. You are worth it!

Love always,




07 Jun

The Power of Blessings

I was sitting on the couch the other day having a cup of tea and sending love beams to our cats, who were sitting on the floor watching me intently. It is easy for me to love our cats and send them love beams. They don’t rub up against my ego in any way, just my leg (LOL!) and they don’t talk back. I remember lovingly stroking our pet rat Nibbles to sleep under my chin years ago and my husband patting our pet parakeet to sleep under his sweatshirt. Love is powerful. Studies done at The Institute of HeartMath tell us that the human heart is 5,000 times more powerful magnetically than the brain. Our hearts are the strongest bio-electrical and magnetic field generators in our body.

Last month I mentioned the power of blessings from Pierre Pradervand and I have been experimenting with sending blessings to people. I find it a little different energy than ‘praying for someone’. Just like with my cats I send people ‘love beams’. I know my animals feel the love right away, I can see it in their eyes and I feel it back in my heart, this love energy. The great thing I have noticed about sending blessings to people is that it releases me from any negative energy I might be harboring towards them. I feel a release of feel good neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. I find myself more compassionate, patient and understanding of that person or situation. I would be curious to see if we were hooked up to sensors while sending blessings whether there would be a spike in our neurotransmitter activity. My guess would be a ‘yes’. The reality here is that I am healed and I really don’t know if the person or situation that I am sending the blessing to is healed or affected, but i do know that I feel better.

I send blessings to my loved ones, my clients, to those I know are suffering or sick and to those I might be angry or annoyed with. When I do the latter, a miracle occurs and I am released of any residual negative feelings. I find that life is too short to hold grudges or any negative energy. I’d rather be attracting positive energy and events into my life. In this way we are activating The Law of Attraction in a very positive way and love is then attracted to us. I even send blessings to organizations I don’t agree with, instead of bemoaning the awful things they are doing and that I don’t have any control over. They can certainly use those blessings. Who knows the power that thousands of us sending blessings will have. Sometimes I see different colors when I send the blessings and I wish I could tell you why that is but I don’t know. Perhaps yours will also have colors or none at all. Let me know if you do, I am curious! Sending blessings is also like a good cleanse of the body.

Sending blessings of love constantly removes the negative from our energy system. If we have any negativity, it is because we learned it along the path of life. It is our primitive brain looking for the ways that bad things can happen to us and in its somewhat misguided programming, it is merely attempting to keep us safe. The best medicine is to send our negative feelings and beliefs blessings too. This way we are transformed with love and that primitive part of our brain can feel safe. Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up if you are feeling negative, it just creates more negativity. When we slip up, which we are bound to do, just forgive yourself and send yourself a blessing. We all deserve as many blessings as we can get. When I pray for someone, I have to petition God to help, when I am sending blessings, I am feeling that God is already in me, a part of me. We are all one, and the person I am blessing is part of me and part of God also. In that instant I think it and feel it, it is done. We all have that power within us.

Kids sense when they can trust an adult, they ‘get’ our energy right away, same as animals. We do as adults too but over the years we have built up so many layers of protection it is oftentimes hard to accept and trust. We are wary and sometimes rightly so of some people. Many of us don’t trust ourselves or love ourselves unconditionally. I wonder what might happen if you started on a daily course of blessings?

We can all make a difference in the world by blessing others. We will be raising the energetic vibrations of all those around us and therefore the world. Never underestimate the power of love and the difference one person can make. Here is a link to the Lilou Mace interview with Pierre Pradervand talking about how the “Gentle Art of Blessings” came about for him.


Sending you all many, many blessings from my heart to yours  ❤



17 Apr


As I was doing my morning meditation and prayer, surrendering my life and asking God  to please inspire me and guide me as to the best way to go forward in my business, the best way to serve my clients and the best way I can be a parent and wife. The word ‘beloved’ came up, and in so many contexts this is such a beautiful word. Beloved because I am beloved by God and for most of my life I believed I was forgotten, not loved and very unlovable.

Beloved because we are all beloved by God even at the most difficult times of our lives. Beloved when we are  suffering and oftentimes not able to see the love that is around us. Beloved when we are rejecting ourselves.  Beloved because we are loved even at our worst. We have been forgiven. When Jesus died on the cross, He paid the price for us. There is nothing that we have ever done that we can not be forgiven for when we repent. There is no right no wrong, no black or white, only love. Know that if you struggle with accepting love and seeing how beloved by God you are, it is because you at some point in your life made the assumption, got the belief that you were not lovable and not deserving of love. So you continue to run that subconscious belief, because it is so uncomfortable for you to admit this.  You stuff it down, push it aside, pretend it’s not there and perhaps self medicate with cigarettes, food, alcohol, drugs and procrastination. You suffer aches and pains and serious illnesses, anything but to see and admit this awful belief. Well I want you to know that those beliefs are a lie. Not to have you punish yourselves yet again but to know that you can be free, you can know love from the deepest part of your being.

All you have to do is surrender your suffering, surrender your grief, surrender you fears to God and ask for help. On the other side of suffering is joy and peace. We are all ‘strands in this web of life’ (Chief Seattle’s quote). We are energetically connected not separate even though we have to go through our own journey, our own lessons and experience our own suffering and our great joys. No one is separate from some trauma and suffering. Some have more than others that’s all. We can come home to the real self, the real self that is a part of God, the unconditional love of the Divine Creator. You are not alone and there is always, always help along the way. For me, I have been working on myself since my late teens. My help came in many forms and the most profound for me is Matrix Reimprinting. I had assumed beliefs about myself from my upbringing, from years of sexual abuse and such. I believed I was black inside, rotten, disgusting. I was ashamed and I had to hide this part of myself.

Wow, it’s hard to believe that a little girl could believe such things about herself deep down but that is what can happen and happens around us to many people all the time. No wonder people as they grow up sabotage their success, have relationships where their partners treat them badly and are not appreciated at work. Sad to say we attract what we believe in our deepest hearts. Matrix Reimprinting helped me to go back and see the reality of what happened to me, that it was not about me but more about the people who did things to me.  I was able to release  the trauma aspects of events and my younger self could heal and find forgiveness.

I had a choice to forgive and to see the reality of the situation and to see the real me. The real me which is and was always worthy of unconditional love and ‘beloved’ by God. And so it is true for you too. There is no blame for anyone. I see now my abusers as my greatest teachers, I see that the suffering I went through was an opportunity for me to choose unconditional love and forgiveness at every point. To choose the love of God.  I have to choose forgiveness every day for myself when I screw up, when I am impatient and with my many other faults. I choose to forgive others when they screw up and hurt me unwittingly. To me it is the only answer to true freedom.

I’m on my journey and I welcome you on yours. Know that you are worthy and deserving! Do you have the courage to step into your greatness, your magnificence! The way God sees you?  I see the potential in all my clients even though they may not see it in themselves. It takes persistence, a never give up attitude and a willingness to surrender and trust in a God of total unconditional love and forgiveness.


You are and always were ‘beloved’,




25 Feb

Beliefs and What I learned from the Jamaicans

Last week I was on vacation in Jamaica, It’s been quite a while since I went on vacation so this was a special treat for me. The warmth, sun, white sand and beautiful turquoise water were something I had dreamed about for a long time. I came home feeling so impressed with the people. Everything about our stay went so smoothly, from the cheerful and polite airline staff to our hotel staff and the crew who ran the special trips we went on. They all worked hard with such a cheerful attitude, we always managed to get everywhere we needed to on time with no stress. NO problem, Yeah Mon!! gail-mae-dolphins While I was there I was reading the book “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor, a wonderful book chronicling his work with companies and how people who are happier are more successful and do better in life at all levels. His work parallels what I do to re-imprint people’s negative opinion about themselves into positive opinions and beliefs. Sometimes it takes time to change those beliefs but it can be done with consistency and perseverance. I believe all things are possible and why not? We created our lives to this point by our beliefs, why not change the beliefs and change your life if you choose? People who ‘believe’ they are smart and capable do better on tests than those who doubt themselves, even though their intelligence levels may be the same. Just because you may have been a certain way for 20, 30, or even 60 years. The brilliant thing is, is that it doesn’t matter, we CAN change, it’s been proven.

If possible I do suggest you read the book, secondly I suggest you visit Jamaica to see that it is possible to ‘be happy’, it’s a choice we make everyday. I know the Jamaicans are not making much money, their economy is not strong and they pay top dollar for many of their services. They are trying very hard to turn that around. In the meantime they have chosen to be cheerful, polite, helpful and gracious. I got a lot of hugs there, which I can appreciate any time!  Most of us have some trauma and healing and transforming that trauma is my job!

We can also do other simple things as well to increase our levels of happiness. Here’s a few and remember that everyone is different and what floats your boat may not be the same for others. Always check in with your body to what feels good.  You want your brain to create more serotonin and dopamine, the feel good chemicals.

Studies have been done which prove that even thinking about something fun or pleasurable you are planning to do raises the feel good brain chemicals. I can attest to that, just thinking about my Jamaican holiday made me happy long before I was there. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money. It can be as simple as planning a movie date with friends. Some people have a belief that they are meant to suffer, or to be unhappy but the key word here is ‘belief’.  What you believe you will create. Well, I believe that we can be happy and my work is about helping you to see who you really are, lovable and deserving of happiness. So on my return to NYC from Jamaica, I promised myself to choose every day to be more relaxed, more chill, and to be more grateful. I think we owe it not only to ourselves but to each other. I am planning on expecting even more miracles in my life. How about you?

All my best wishes for abundant love, joy and miracles!


02 Dec

Balance and Boundaries

Balance and Boundaries

I notice more and more about myself as I get older and also as I am running a business, one of the things I find challenging is finding balance. When I decide to do something, it’s an all or nothing thing and I find that taking care of myself, can sometimes take second place. Here’s an interesting exercise for you to do:

•Take a piece of paper and fold it into four, tear or cut the fourths into separate pieces

•Write down four people you love the most in the world, one on each piece of paper

•Now tear one up and throw it away

•Then do it with the next and the next until you have one left

•Who was the last one left? Was it you? Were you even one of the four?

I notice more and more about myself as I get older and also as I am running a business, one of the things I find challenging is finding balance. When I decide to do something, it’s an all or nothing thing and I find that taking care of myself, can sometimes take second place. Here’s an interesting exercise for you to do:

•Take a piece of paper and fold it into four, tear or cut the fourths into separate pieces

•Write down four people you love the most in the world, one on each piece of paper

•Now tear one up and throw it away

•Then do it with the next and the next until you have one left

•Who was the last one left? Was it you? Were you even one of the four?

If not, it is interesting to see how you value yourself! Just like when you are in a plane and they tell the parents to put the oxygen masks on themselves before they put it on their kids. The airline staff know that when the parents have their oxygen they will be able to take proper care of their kids. So it is with you, when you take care of yourself first, all those around you will be taken care of better. They may even learn that they need to step up to the plate and do a better job on their end rather than have you doing all the work. The bible says: “Love your neighbor as yourself”. When you learn to love yourself unconditionally that love emanates to all those around you. The value that you have for yourself will also help you to see the value others are in your life.

That leads me to the other point I wanted to talk about and that isboundaries. Where in your life are your boundaries lax? Not only for taking care of yourself and your career needs but also in your relationships. Our relationships can affect the success in our career. Is there anyone in your life who is a drain on your energy? Is there anyone who is not supporting you or your career in the best way possible? These could be managers, agents, friends and family. Are the people who you are surrounding yourself positive, hardworking, encouraging, loving and holding you accountable? Life is short and we only have so much energy. We have to create boundaries if the important people in our lives are not being supportive. Don’t let anyone (especially yourself) doubt you or bring you down. Give to others, yes of course and at times we need to sacrifice.

I’m not advocating that it be all about you but remember balance and if you start to get exhausted, burned out, resentful or losing the joy in your work, check and see if you are taking care of yourself and getting your needs met. Love life and live it to the fullest. Be passionate about yourself and your work and your career. Shine your light and bring your joy, your essence through your work to the world by creating healthy balance and boundaries.


Love and blessings,




03 Nov

Accepting Ourselves Unconditionally

This seems to be the hardest thing for people to do and as I see more and more clients. I believe the biggest stressor we have in life is our being hard on ourselves. If it is true as I have read that we have 70,000 thoughts a day, I wonder how many of those are negative judgments of ourselves? It’s an interesting exercise for you to notice how many negative thoughts you have about yourself as you go about your day. Do this for a week and see if you can see if those thoughts are really yours or you just absorbed them from your parents, teachers, friends, your religion etc.

Once you’ve noticed them see if you can choose whether to let them go or not. Oftentimes they are so deeply imbedded in our subconscious we don’t even know they are there. We might just start feeling bad or want to go for that cigarette, ice-cream, drink or whatever self medicating choice we have at the moment.

This beautiful work I do can help you to find where in your life you learned that belief and then you can choose to release it and create a new positive belief about yourself. Once you have released the negative beliefs, your life begins to change and you start to feel more relaxed as you let go of these subconscious thoughts that no longer serve you. You let go of negative imprints that are not only keeping you stuck but causing you to be tired and stressed.

You are worth feeling great about yourself and your life. You can achieve happiness, joy and feeling at ease and at peace. You are perfect in your imperfection and the world is waiting for you to shine your light!

Love and blessings,




02 Aug

Changing the World One Heart at a Time

While on Facebook this morning I read this post a friend had put up and it reaffirmed to me what life is all about. I found it so inspiring I wanted to share it with you. It shows what a difference we can all make in someone’s life and we never know the difference that person can then make in the world.

Here it is and I hope you were as inspired as I was to hear it this morning:

As she stood in front of her 5th-grade class on the very first day of school, she told the children an untruth. Like most teachers, she looked at her students and said that she loved them all the same. However, that was impossible, because there in the front row, slumped in his seat, was a little boy named Teddy Stoddard.

Mrs. Thompson had watched Teddy the year before and noticed that he did not play well with the other children, that his clothes were messy and that he constantly needed a bath. In addition, Teddy could be unpleasant. It got to the point where Mrs. Thompson would actually take delight in marking his papers with a broad red pen, making bold X’s and then putting a big “F” at the top of his papers.

At the school where Mrs. Thompson taught, she was required to review each child’s past records and she put Teddy’s off until last. However, when she reviewed his file, she was in for a surprise. Teddy’s first-grade teacher wrote, “Teddy is a bright child with a ready laugh. He does his work neatly and has good manners…. he is a joy to be around..” His second-grade teacher wrote, “Teddy is an excellent student, well liked by his classmates, but he is troubled because his mother has a terminal illness and life at home must be a struggle.”

His third-grade teacher wrote, “His mother’s death has been hard on him. He tries to do his best, but his father doesn’t show much interest and his home life will soon affect him if some steps aren’t taken.” Teddy’s fourth-grade teacher wrote, “Teddy is withdrawn and doesn’t show much interest in school. He doesn’t have many friends and he sometimes sleeps in class.”

By now, Mrs. Thompson realized the problem and she was ashamed of herself. She felt even worse when her students brought her Christmas presents, wrapped in beautiful ribbons and bright paper, except for Teddy’s. His present was clumsily wrapped in the heavy, brown paper that he got from a grocery bag Mrs. Thompson took pains to open it in the middle of the other presents. Some of the children started to laugh when she found a rhinestone bracelet with some of the stones missing and a bottle that was one-quarter full of perfume. But she stifled the children’s laughter when she exclaimed how pretty the bracelet was, putting it on, and dabbing some of the perfume on her wrist. Teddy Stoddard stayed after school that day just long enough to say, “Mrs. Thompson, today you smelled just like my Mom used to.” After the children left, she cried for at least an hour. On that very day, she quit teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. Instead, she began to teach children. Mrs. Thompson paid particular attention to Teddy.

As she worked with him, his mind seemed to come alive. The more she encouraged him, the faster he responded. By the end of the year, Teddy had become one of the smartest children in the class and, despite her lie that she would love all the children the same, Teddy became one of her “teacher’s pets…”

A year later, she found a note under her door, from Teddy, telling* her that she was still the best teacher he ever had in his whole life. Six years went by before she got another note from Teddy. He then wrote that he had finished high school, third in his class, and she was still the best teacher he ever had in life. Four years after that, she got another letter, saying that while things had been tough at times, he’d stayed in school, had stuck with it, and would soon graduate from college with the highest of honors. He assured Mrs. Thompson that she was still the best and favorite teacher he had ever had in his whole life. Then four more years passed and yet another letter came. This time he explained that after he got his bachelor’s degree, he decided to go a little further. The letter explained that she was still the best and favorite teacher he ever had. But now his name was a little longer…. The letter was signed, Theodore F. Stoddard, MD.

Thank you so much for making me feel important and showing me that I could make a difference.” Mrs. Thompson, with tears in her eyes, whispered back. She said, “Teddy, you have it all wrong. You were the one who taught me that I could make a difference. I didn’t know how to teach until I met you.” (For you that don’t know, Teddy Stoddard is the Dr. at Iowa Methodist Hospital in Des Moines that has the Stoddard Cancer Wing.

I believe in each and every one of you and when you shine your light in the world it can change the world! Keep working on yourself so you can shine your light as brightly as possible.

Much love to you,



24 Jul

The Four Questions

I have been working on many things lately and one of them is how to market my business so that it can reach more people so that I can help more people. How do I do that and stay congruent with who I am? Believe me it’s a stretch! I have been really having to look and search for what is my message and who I would best serve with my gifts and talents. As part of my search I was called to look again into the work of Gail Larson. Gail works with people on how to speak their story. I love her work. She mentions Chief Seattle’s legendary words: “We did not weave the web of life. We are only a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web we do to ourselves.” “What is the strand of life that is entrusted to us?” She asks these four questions, which I think are powerful questions for us all to ask ourselves when we are discovering who we are and what we are here for and how we can shine our light in the world or as Gail says, “speak your story”:

1.What brings you alive? Anyone or anything that does not bring you fully alive is too small for you.

2.What breaks your heart? She mentions Rumi’s beautiful words: “Break my heart, break it again so I can love even more again.” I believe that it is surrendering into the depths of our suffering and not trying to numb it, push it down, self medicate or by keeping busy, that is our greatest gift, the jewel of our existence. In acceptance of what is and our openness to love and forgiveness is the pathway to our healing and in that moment of surrendering we are transformed. It is what makes us who we really are and when we have love, compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and those who hurt us that is our light in the world. “When we look at where our heart is breaking that is where we’re called to bring our love and our service.”

3.What does healing look like? Healing to me is when we are no longer trapped in negative patterns out of fear and survival. We are free to be who we really are. This is why I do the work I do. I am able to help others release those negative beliefs learned through trauma. You are then able to choose and imprint positive beliefs from a knowing of who you really are. And in that process our lives are transformed. So ask yourself what would healing look like to you?

4.What is the one life affirming action that you can take that is beautiful that will make your heart sing? Mine is to do what brings me joy. To do that I need to continue to do the work I need to do on myself to break through anything that holds me back from achieving that. What is yours?


Much love always,




15 May

Matrix Reimprinting Part 2

In a previous blog I spoke about my own personal experience with Matrix Reimprinting and in this one I wanted to briefly talk some more about Matrix Reimprinting and why I believe that both EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and also IFS (Internal Family Systems which I have added to my toolbox) are changing how we are able to experience life and view ourselves and the world in a more positive way.

With these techniques, you can release traumas that have been held in your bodies and your subconscious for years. You can gain understanding, forgiveness, and empowerment for the younger you within the traumatic memory. When you look back at the memory you no longer feel any negative feelings, in fact, the memory has been transformed into a positive one.

Last month I wrote about the 5 Regrets of the Dying and how many people put their dreams on the back burner until they are too old. Most people don’t achieve their dreams because they are afraid. That fear is usually caused by childhood trauma and very often passed on through the generations. These limiting beliefs are what Gary Craig calls our “Writing on the Walls”. These are beliefs we learned from our family members,our ancestors, culture, religion, teachers and so on. These ‘writings’ are running in our subconscious all day long and we perceive the world through the lens of these beliefs. With Matrix Reimprinting you are able to go back into a memory and relearn and reimprint what was at one time negative and traumatic into a belief and learning that is empowering. You are able to see the event from a different perspective. Eventually, after reimprinting traumatic memories, you are able to see yourself in a more positive light and to start to become the person you knew all along you really were. Unfortunately before, because of trauma, you were unable to see it, access and actualize it.  You are able to grow in self-confidence being able to affect positive changes in your world by having positively changed the underlying beliefs about yourself. I want to stress that if you wish to experience the healing and transformative results from this technique I do suggest you find an experienced and certified practitioner. Talk to them and read their testimonials to find if it is someone you can trust. We are transforming memories which allows you the opportunity of getting your needs met, something that was not possible at the time the trauma occurred.

It is a privilege for me to be on this journey with you of self-discovery and I do not take it lightly. I have enormous respect and compassion for your courage to look at what is not working in your life and changing it. The marvelous thing about Matrix Reimprinting is that we can take care of a lot of trauma with love and forgiveness. I am committed to you realizing your wonderful self and gaining freedom.

With Love,




11 Apr

Letting Go of What is not Important…

The weather here in New York City has been glorious these last few days, temperatures way into the 70s F. I am looking forward to a more relaxed Spring and Summer this year. Letting go of busyness and spending too much time on fruitless endeavors and instead focusing on what is really important. I am reminded of “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying” an article written by Bronnie Ware, a palliative care nurse. I find myself reading this article periodically to remind myself what is important and to keep focused on that. Here it is: For many years I worked in palliative care.

My patients were those who had gone home to die. Some incredibly special times were shared. I was with them for the last three to twelve weeks of their lives. People grow a lot when they are faced with their own mortality. I learnt never to underestimate someone’s capacity for growth. Some changes were phenomenal. Each experienced a variety of emotions, as expected, denial, fear, anger, remorse, more denial and eventually acceptance. Every single patient found their peace before they departed though, every one of them. When questioned about any regrets they had or anything they would do differently, common themes surfaced again and again.

Here are the most common five:

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

This was the most common regret of all. When people realize that their life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. Most people had not honored even a half of their dreams and had to die knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made. It is very important to try and honor at least some of your dreams along the way. From the moment that you lose your health, it is too late. Health brings a freedom very few realize, until they no longer have it.

2. I wish I didn’t work so hard.

This came from every male patient that I nursed. They missed their children’s youth and their partner’s companionship. Women also spoke of this regret. But as most were from an older generation, many of the female patients had not been breadwinners. All of the men I nursed deeply regretted spending so much of their lives on the treadmill of a work existence. By simplifying your lifestyle and making conscious choices along the way, it is possible to not need the income that you think you do. And by creating more space in your life, you become happier and more open to new opportunities, ones more suited to your new lifestyle.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

Many people suppressed their feelings in order to keep peace with others. As a result, they settled for a mediocre existence and never became who they were truly capable of becoming. Many developed illnesses relating to the bitterness and resentment they carried as a result. We cannot control the reactions of others. However, although people may initially react when you change the way you are by speaking honestly, in the end it raises the relationship to a whole new and healthier level. Either that or it releases the unhealthy relationship from your life. Either way, you win.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

Often they would not truly realize the full benefits of old friends until their dying weeks and it was not always possible to track them down. Many had become so caught up in their own lives that they had let golden friendships slip by over the years. There were many deep regrets about not giving friendships the time and effort that they deserved. Everyone misses their friends when they are dying. It is common for anyone in a busy lifestyle to let friendships slip. But when you are faced with your approaching death, the physical details of life fall away. People do want to get their financial affairs in order if possible. But it is not money or status that holds the true importance for them. They want to get things in order more for the benefit of those they love. Usually though, they are too ill and weary to ever manage this task. It is all comes down to love and relationships in the end. That is all that remains in the final weeks, love and relationships.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

This is a surprisingly common one. Many did not realize until the end that happiness is a choice. They had stayed stuck in old patterns and habits. The so-called ‘comfort’ of familiarity overflowed into their emotions, as well as their physical lives. Fear of change had them pretending to others, and to their selves, that they were content. When deep within, they longed to laugh properly and have silliness in their life again. When you are on your deathbed, what others think of you is a long way from your mind. How wonderful to be able to let go and smile again, long before you are dying. Life is a choice. It is YOUR life. Choose consciously, choose wisely, choose honestly. Choose happiness. I am so grateful to have found the work I do not only as it has helped me in my own personal journey but to also know that I have the opportunity to help others to be free to choose not have those five regrets above. Life is too short for us not to be living every moment to the fullest.

With Love,




03 Dec

The Gift of You 2012

As I think about the holidays approaching and what family means, I cannot help but think of all the people in the world abandoned, neglected and abused by their families and the toll it takes on their lives. If love is the answer to happiness what happens to those who never experience love, compassion and kindness from their family?

In the work I do I see the results in depression, disease, pain, self sabotage and a propensity to attract more of the same type of relationships into their lives.  A pattern that keeps repeating itself.  With EFT and Matrix Reimprinting the negative imprinting (which created the energetic blocks in the first place) can be cleared and  then one can begin the process of changing the point of attraction to positive relationships of love and appreciation.

Those who were freely given love and acceptance when they were young have a responsibility to help those less fortunate. There are so many who do and they are beautiful souls. However, I see many who take their fortunate life for granted and take advantage of those less fortunate.

We were all inspired here in  New York City by the  policeman Larry DiPrimo and the kind act he did by buying the homeless man a pair of boots and warm socks on a very cold night in Manhattan. Just moments before someone had laughed at the same homeless man, yet the officer saw his need and responded in a generous way. He is an example for us all. I am sure the man is grateful for those boots and I am wondering if he is even more grateful for the fact that someone cared enough about him to respond to his very human need. Here’s a link to a video catching this kind act.


As the holidays approach let us all remember that this season isn’t all about presents and tinsel and bows but about taking care of those less fortunate, visiting those who are alone with no one to love them, forgiving those who have offended us and providing for those who have lost everything. We don’t need more stuff, we need shelter, warmth, food and the most important things we need are love, compassion, understanding and acceptance.

Also for those of you out there who are really hard on yourselves, don’t forget to give yourself some love and compassion too! Please remember that each and everyone of you are a gift in this world and you can make a difference!

Many Blessings for a beautiful Holiday!

Love always,


18 Nov


As we approach Thanksgiving this year and after the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Sandy here in the Northeast. Our living in over 20 different places in the last 14 months due to unforeseen circumstances, has taught me more about life than sitting in my beautiful 5 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn could ever do. I have had to let go of many of my attachments in life, including my home, many of my possessions and learn to live out of a suitcase, sort of like an ongoing camping experience.

I have learned how to receive which was a big lesson for me, I have had to learn humility (it was okay for me to give to others but not okay for me to receive). I have seen the depths of peopleʼs hearts and their generosity of spirit and resources. I have experienced how family takes care of family. I have experienced what stress can do to oneʼs body and how the energy work I have done over this period has saved me. It has helped me become stronger, calmer and more enlightened. It has helped me to know who I really am and what is really important in life. Our greatest treasures are those of the heart. I grumble about Facebook because I can get stuck on it too long but many of my friendʼs posts have uplifted me during this time. Connecting with others on FB has been inspiring and I am reminded of the beauty inherent in our human spirit. I have been given the gift of seeing my children in a way I didn’t have before. This experience has strengthened them and I have had the opportunity to see the goodness caring, strength and love that they have for their family.

I am so proud of each and every one of them. I am grateful for the work I do as I have the opportunity to help and guide people to get through their problems and move on in life to achieve their goals. I see the beauty of who they really are. I have said this before and I will say it again and again that if we could see ourselves the way God does, we would die of love. I have a glimpse of this in my work which is why I believe that our challenges in life are our gifts in disguise. They are the opportunity for us to break through the dark into the light. I am grateful for Isagenix. This is not a plug for Isagenix but I truly believe having these high quality products every day has helped me survive this ongoing stress. Lastly, I am grateful for my belief and connection in a loving God,  to Jesus who had always been a beacon of light to me.

He is one I could relate to, to know and to run to for comfort when there was little in the world. His love for me was and is never ending, never judging, only compassionate and always forgiving. I needed that when at times the world was hard and difficult. I remember when I was about 7 or 8 I used to cry myself to sleep every night and this one night I remember asking him why life was so awful and I heard a voice very loud and deep though within myself say “You are suffering for a reason.” My younger self accepted this at the time and I had thought, okay Iʼm just meant to suffer. Last year doing a Matrix Reimprinting session with a swap partner, a picture of my younger self came up when she was about this same age and she was very angry with Jesus for allowing her to suffer as she did all alone. She was angry because she felt she was not strong enough for this path. He gave my younger self a look and in an instant she knew that she had never been alone, he had always been there and that yes, she was strong enough. We are strong enough to handle our paths and we are never alone.

I hope that as Thanksgiving comes around this year you will know that in your hearts too.I have much to be grateful for. And for the lessons learned in regard to Hurricane Sandy, I am grateful for those who have given of themselves so selflessly and continue to do so.  I pray for those who have lost everything.

In honor of them I am offering a free series of five EFT or Matrix Reimprinting or Picture Tapping Technique sessions to help with the stress they are going through.

With all my love,




08 Sep

My Experience of Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting has transformed my life. It has given me the tools to change and continue to change deep negative beliefs I had about myself that I learned from a childhood of abuse. For many years I tried every imaginable therapy, relating “my story” over and over again to new therapists who did nothing except take my checks and listen.

I was sick to death of hearing my story and not getting any real help or relief from the negative thoughts and beliefs I had that were keeping me stuck and in fear. I was always hoping that this time, this therapy or program or therapist would give me the tools to feel good about myself and to at least feel okay in my body. I tried every kind of self-help tool, religion, positive thinking, even antidepressant drugs, diet, and herbs etc. I certainly learned a lot about myself and my fears but my self-sabotage never changed.

I knew my problems inside and out in my conscious mind and no amount of positive affirmations were able help me to change them. I TRIED IT ALL! I had gotten to the point of accepting that I was handicapped not physically but emotionally and that my lot in life was to suffer. When I heard about Matrix Reimprinting, I was very excited. I thought, at last, this is exactly what I have been looking for. A method by which I could change and let go of traumatic memories or at least understand why they happened in my life, their purpose and move on. I wanted to know that my suffering was for a reason. As there was no one in my area who was trained in MR, I ended up attending a training myself.

At the training for MR, most of us worked on a memory or two practicing these new skills we were learning with other attendees. I was able to tap into a memory of an incident at school when I was in first grade. The teacher had yelled at me and made me stay in the classroom for lunch. It was actually an event I hadn’t ever consciously thought about, so I was a little surprised that it came up. I have found over the years since my training that memories that come up for me (or clients), I would not always have consciously considered important but the perfect incident comes to light that needs healing and reimprinting. While checking in with my younger self.

I discovered she was:

a) devastated, that she had gotten into trouble with the teacher.

b) scared, because now she was afraid she might do something bad again, not knowing what was considered ‘bad’ and,

c) angry because the teacher shamed her publicly and unnecessarily.

As we worked through the memory my little six-year-old self was guided to be able to give herself the resources and empowerment she needed to create a good outcome from the incident. She learned that the teacher was tired and angry that morning and my younger self had borne the brunt of it. The teacher was able to apologize as was my younger self. One of the things I learned while working on this event in my life was that the memory was just one of the many incidents I had during my childhood that made me believe that I was “bad” or “not lovable”.

After working on this memory I no longer have any feelings of being a victim at all around the incident. I have compassion, forgiveness, and understanding for both my younger self and also the teacher. My younger self had found empowerment. Very freeing, to say the least. Matrix Reimprinting has made such an impact on my life that I went on to become a Certified Matrix Reimprinting practitioner, studied Birth and Health Reimprinting, Trauma Training with Vets, Picture Tapping Technique and have also obtained my Advanced Level 3 EFT Certification and am now a Trainer of EFT. I knew this wonderful technique which utilizes EFT could help so many people break free and I had to share it.

I believe it is necessary to make changes in your subconscious beliefs on a cellular and subconscious level. It takes time but I have been able to move from feeling:

a) Guilty, (absolutely everything was my fault and I had to make up for everything).

b) Deep shame (I felt I had to hide the real me from others).

c) Inherently bad and unlovable, otherwise why didn’t my Mom protect and love me and why did my Dad abuse me?

Through working on many memories and sometimes the same memory a few times (different aspects), I now feel:

a) Good in my body, relaxed and calmer.

b) More confident, less afraid.

c) Grateful for who I am and grateful for my life and the challenges I have had to overcome.

I always worked at forgiving but with Matrix Reimprinting you have a whole new experiential level of awareness and deep forgiveness, not only for others but also for yourself. This comes out of self-knowledge, respect for your younger self and emotional freedom.

d) I am able to have relationships with no attachment, in other words, love people for who they are with no expectations.

e) I am able to see that I am worthy of love and I deserve to have loving relationships.

f) I am remembering the good parts of my childhood that I had forgotten.

g) I am now able to see the life lessons each experience was for me and how each was a step on my journey.

Matrix Reimprinting is an idea whose time has come and has not only changed my life for the better but also so many grateful clients.

With love,


06 Mar

Weight Loss

When I work with clients regarding losing weight we work on clearing all the subconscious blocks they have regarding losing weight. There are all kinds of reasons why people choose to keep or gain unwanted weight and I have found every client I have worked with has a different issue or a combination of them. In a few sessions we can pretty much clear those up. Unless you clear those negative subconscious beliefs NO amount of diets will work. They may work for a while and then if there is some stress in your life, the weight may come back on again. 95% of our lives are run by our subconscious so even though, in your conscious mind you might want to lose weight, if the beliefs in your subconscious belie those in your conscious mind, your subconscious will always win out.

There is a reason and sometimes a combination of reasons why you are holding on to the weight. Ask yourself these questions:

“What’s the upside of keeping the weight on?”

“What’s the downside of taking the weight off?”

If you have held on to this weight for long or if you do diets and boomerang the weight back on again you can be pretty sure there is a subconscious belief going on there. Working with an experienced practitioner may be the way to go for you to heal anything that may be stopping you from achieving your goal.

Here’s some simple practical steps you can do that may help:

1. Make your portions slightly smaller at every meal. So if you have a bowl of cereal in the morning and two pieces of toast. Make the bowl of cereal slightly smaller and maybe only one piece of toast. Remember to start small as you want to trick your stomach not starve it, so go slowly in small increments and then build on that.

2. Eat some protein at every meal as it takes your body longer to process protein and you won’t get hungry as quickly.

3. Many people get great results from eating a small breakfast and then a midmorning snack of a piece of fruit, a yogurt or a low calorie energy bar . A small lunch and then another healthy snack mid afternoon before dinner. This way you are always keeping your energy up and not letting your blood sugar drop. You are not hungry for food and eating too much by the time you get to your meal. Remember healthy, low calorie snacks. Another choice is to eat a bigger meal at lunch so the body has time to digest and a lighter meal later in the evening.

4. Always leave a little on your plate. Don’t feel you have to finish everything on your plate. This was a big one for me as I had to eat everything on my plate as a kid so it took me a while to change that habit. Now I eat everything only if I have room in my stomach or desire it.

5. Really chew and taste your food and ENJOY it. Take your time and try to sit down while eating.

6. Give yourself a little something ‘yummy and delicious’ (as my daughter would say) once a day.

7. I know you’ve heard this all before but exercise is important and I’m not talking about anything too rigorous but consistency is good. Try to follow your heart on this one and not just follow blindly what others say or do, every body is different and if you hate it, you won’t continue with it. Perhaps you prefer something slow like yoga or walking or hiking. There is a myriad of classes and gyms you can try at all levels but it doesn’t have to be a killer workout for you to see results, remember easily, lovingly, gently and consistently are key words for you.

8. When you slip up, NEVER be mad at yourself. Instead give yourself a hug and a pat on your back for trying and keep going. We all slip up at times, the important thing is to be understanding and KEEP going!

9. Get plenty of rest. When you are exhausted and stressed you will eat more!

10. Do EFT and clear all the negative blocks that are trapped in your energy field in your cells that are keeping you from reaching your ideal weight.

11. Toxicity in your body will help to keep weight on. When you ingest chemicals through foods that have been heavily sprayed with pesticides etc., your body will en-robe the chemical in your fat cells to protect your vital organs. Do a cleanse periodically to cleanse these toxins out of your body such as Isagenix 30 day cleanse: http://gailmae.isagenix.com/us/en/areyoutoxic-promo.dhtml

12. Eat plenty of organic (no pesticides) fruits and veggies, some protein and light healthy snacks.

Eventually it gets into a habit, when you are loving yourself and taking care of yourself. You want to do good things for yourself.

Give yourself walks in fresh air, take deep breaths and feel grateful to be alive on this beautiful planet. I am cheering you on that any and all your dreams and desires will be manifested!

Here is a Tapping Script to help you with Cravings (note we are not using the finger points in this script but we are using the Wrist Point which is where we take our pulse). Make sure you start to tap immediately you start to crave something:



KC : (Karate Chop Point: Even though I really, really, really want to eat ……………, and I know I may regret it, I accept myself and how I feel

KC: Even though I know that eating………………is going to make me feel better in one way but worse in another, I want it anyway, I need it, I deserve it, it will make me feel better and I accept myself and how I feel.

KC: Even though I am sick and tired of not being able to control what I eat when I get stressed, I am open to accepting myself , having patience with myself, no matter what.

TH: (Top of the Head): I need it
EB: ( Eye Brow) I really need it
SE (Side of the Eye) I know I will feel better
UE: (Under the Eye): I have to have it
UN: (Under the Nose): I have to have it
CP: (Chin Point): I want it
CB: (Collar Bone Point): It tastes so good
UA: (Under the Arm): It is so crunchy and crisp (put in your own words, your own cravings)
LP: (Liver Point -under the chest): So deliciously salty
WP: (Wrist Point): So deliciously salty
KC: So yummy and delicious

TH: I want it
EB: It will make me feel better
SE: I need the comfort
UE: I need the comfort
UN: It’s just one bag of chips…………….. ( or whatever number, put in your own craving)
CB: I’ll do better tomorrow
UA: I’ll just have one now
LP: I know I’ll feel better
WP: I deserve some comfort
KC: I deserve to feel good

TH: No I won’t feel better
EB: I’ll hate myself for eating it
SE: Why do I have these cravings?
UE: I don’t care
UN: I just really want it
CP: I just want it
CB: And I want it now
UA: I need it now
LP: No I don’t need it
WP: I don’t need it
KC: I just want it

TH: I just want it
EB: Fine, I want it now, what about after?
SE: How will I feel after?
UE: Is it worth it?
UN: That quick fix?
CP: How will I feel about myself after?
CB: Will I feel disgusted with myself?
UA: Will I hate myself?
LP: I don’t want to do that to myself
WP: I’m worth more than that
KC: Maybe I’m worth more than that

TH: What of I could do something kind to myself?
EB: Instead of eating junk?
SE: What else could I do to get more comfort for myself?
UN: What if I could choose to do something kind for myself?
CP: What if i could be kinder to myself?
CB: I am open to that
UA: I am open to being more kind and loving to myself
LP: I deserve that
WP: Love and kindness never hurt anyone
KC: Maybe I could have a soak in the bath? (or whatever you like to do to destress and relax)

TH: What if I could relax just a little bit more?
EB: What if i could be forgiving with myself just a little bit more?
SE: What if I could be softer with myself?
UE: What if I could be gentler with myself?
UN: I am open to that
CP: I am open to being gentler and more compassionate with myself
CB: What if I could feel more calm and relaxed?
UA: What if I could let go my perfectionist standards a bit?
LP: That would feel good
WP: What if I could do that
KC: What if I could love myself up even more right here, right now?

I hope this script was helpful and please email me if you have any questions.

Much love,


17 Dec


I have clients that if I mention the word God to, they flinch and tense up. I can perhaps use the words higher power, soul, the universe, higher self, love, etc and that is okay but “God” for them is connected to religion and religion for them was not a good experience. They had such bad experiences with religion, their hearts hold hurts and traumas that are rekindled every time they hear the word “God”.

Luckily for me I had some good experiences with religion earlier in my childhood years but once I was in my teens and I heard things from the pastor that were prejudicial I left and kept seeking truth elsewhere. My parents were not religious at all, so in a way that was good for me as I had no pressure from them in that regard. That is not the case for many people who had pressure from their parents and grow up in a religion that preaches one thing and acts in a different way. Sometimes those very kids are the brunt of prejudice, unkindness, narrow mindedness, sometimes very traumatic sexual abuse and all connected to the name of God.

I believe that God is love and truth and the Creator of all things. It is as simple as that. You can definitely find God in religion, in the people in religion and by their loving actions. You can definitely find God outside of religion through the loving actions of non-religious people.

Some of my thoughts on God: Please feel free to insert whatever words you would like to use instead of the word God such as Higher Power, Universal Love, Spirit, etc.

  • God is love
  • God is hope
  • God is mercy
  • God is kind
  • God is compassion
  • God is gentleness
  • God is within us
  • We are all one in God
  • God is truth
  • God is accepting
  • God is forgiveness
  • God is beyond all religion
  • God is breath
  • God is life
  • God is beauty
  • God is nature
  • God blesses us a hundredfold
  • God is patient

Some of God’s blessings do not always seem like blessings until we surrender our control, be willing to open our heart to something much bigger and better than we could ever imagine. We are on a journey to know God more completely, more deeply, more profoundly.

My prayer is that those that have deep hurts from religion through no fault of their own and hurt every time they hear the word God because of it, find deep compassionate healing. I hope that they know on the deepest core of their being that they are loved, were created in love and they are on a journey of falling ever more deeply in love.

Peace be with you,


03 Dec

The Gift of You!


I love working with my clients and seeing them experience the beautiful gift of who they are.

I have the privilege of seeing them reach their dreams and gain confidence in themselves. The world is at our feet and it is only our limited thinking and negative programming and beliefs that keep us stuck and repeating negative patterns.

In our natural state of being, we are meant to feel at peace, no matter whether things are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in our life. There is always a silver lining to our experiences and challenges, we just have to be open to seeing and accepting them as the learning that they are. So how do we become open to seeing the silver lining and blessing to really hard times and life lessons?

First, by trusting that you are loved by God and nothing ever happens to you that you and God cannot handle. Hard times are the raw material for greatness. We are forced to use our mettle, to grow in character, compassion and to be creative.

Second, by letting go of negative subconscious beliefs with energy therapies such as EFT and Matrix Reimprinting which do a brilliant job of that and with having a deep relationship with God who loves you unconditionally.

Third, by learning skills that will guide you in discovering your amazing and wonderful self by replacing any negative learning with positive ones knowing that God is by your side supporting you at all times.

Fourth, by knowing that there is NO ONE else on the planet that can do what you can do, influence others the way you can or has the gifts that you have.

Fifth, by asking for whatever it is that you need and then trusting that you will receive what you have asked for.

Finally by acting on the insights and intuition you receive when you ask. Action is a very important step for manifesting the positive in our lives. You are here for a reason.

What do you believe you are here for?

What are the gifts and talents that you have been blessed with that will make a difference in the world?

Your gifts are unique to the world and my fervent wish is for you to know and value the gift that you are.

May you feel Peace, Love and Joy in your body, mind and spirit.


20 Nov

Affirmations and the Subconscious

I love to think positive and I love positive thinkers, affirmations and all the trappings that go with it. For some people, it is easier to be positive than others. Is life simple for everyone? No, of course not, everyone has challenges. Some stay in a small circle of friends and family or belief system that keeps them relatively safe and is supportive of them. Perhaps they had a relatively happy and encouraging childhood and so they are not battling too much negative programming.

For others, it is just not as easy and they find it very difficult to get ahead and to reach their goals. Have you ever thought “How come they are able to get ahead?” or ” Why not me? “When is it going to be MY turn?” “What’s stopping me”? Well, to put it kindly and gently – it is YOU, stopping you. It is because of negative subconscious beliefs, what you believe deep down you deserve. This can be from negative programming from your parents, your ancestor’s beliefs (passed on through the generations), your environment, cultural belief systems and also lies you believed about yourself from childhood.

When something is a lie it is heavy when it is the truth it is light. Go about your day today and observe your thinking and the feelings connected to your thoughts, and then question yourself, “Is this thought or decision or judgment heavy (lie) or light (truth).

Once you start to observe your thoughts it is an eye opener and you can then start to choose whether you want to continue to believe these thoughts or not. Choice is freeing. Now the next step is once you have realized the negative beliefs and thinking you have is stopping you from achieving happiness and joy in your life, how do you change these negative beliefs into positive ones?

For most people with trauma in their lives and a negative upbringing, they cannot change unless they do some healing work on changing those beliefs. Their energetic vibration sometimes gets so low they need help in raising it so that they can attract positive experiences in their life (think of a pair of magnets depending on which ends you hold together they either repel or attract).

No matter HOW much positive thinking they do and hard work they do on themselves they will still not be able to achieve what they want until the negative beliefs held in the subconscious are transformed into positive beliefs.

I can help you to change those negative imprints through the techniques I use. They have been so helpful in my life and I invite you to experience ‘feeling free’ of the burdens and negative beliefs you have carried for so long.

Once you have worked on transforming those negative subconscious beliefs, then you will start to see results from those affirmations. You deserve a life of joy and abundance!

I send you love,