21 Jun

Creating Positive Habits and Mindsets.


Last week I talked about healing as the first step in “How to get Unstuck” and how healing is important to be able to transform the negative beliefs we learned about ourselves. Those beliefs get in the way of us seeing our true selves and of having the ability to discover our life messages and our purpose.

The second step is to create positive habits and mindsets.

One way is to imprint the new positive beliefs we learned during healing. We can do this by declaring or affirming the positive belief every day, perhaps two times a day or more until it is so firmly a part of you that you can’t imagine ever having not believed it. Tapping at the same time can help to bring any negative beliefs down to a 0 and then help to affirm and solidify the positive belief imprints.

For instance, you might have the belief that you aren’t good enough. After healing you may learn the truth that you are valuable and worthy of love. and your declaration or affirmation would be  “I am valuable and worthy of love.“ It’s even better if you can bring to mind the positive image and the feelings you received during the healing session when you are making your declaration. It may take some time and you may need quite a few healing sessions until your system will accept this new belief but with persistence, it works!

I like biblical truths too because they carry more weight as it is from God and not just from me. “You are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you. Fear not, for I am with you” – (Isaiah 43:4)

You could have a belief that you will never have a happy relationship and when that was changed for you in healing sessions you could declare, “I have healthy and long-term relationships.” or “I feel safe when I am in relationships with others, I know my boundaries.” I have lists of affirmations and declarations, so let me know if you want them and I’ll pass them on to you.

In one way our feelings are important because they are a pathway to our beliefs but also our feelings can be deceptive if the belief connected to them is negative. This is why the first step (of healing) is so important otherwise the wounded parts of you will take over and not ‘believe’ the positive affirmations. That being said if you are feeling scared and you have to go on stage or deliver a speech or manage others and you choose to be confident and comfortable in your skin, it’s amazing how your mood can be changed by simply choosing (and at first, it can feel like you are pretending) these positive feelings over and over again in our life. The key is to believe that you are deserving of these feelings even though it will take some work and persistence on your part.

Declarations and affirmations are one great positive daily habit that will help you to create a positive mindset by choosing to believe in them, in you and to persevere. They say it takes 21 days to change a habit. I think it takes even more than that if you carried negative beliefs for years and if there was major trauma. Keep at it, you are worth it!

In freedom,