The Divine Spark Within


We each have the Divine Spark within us.

We can all learn from others in life but at some point, we have to slow the influx of information coming in and turn our attention within, nurturing our connection to our higher power and to seek truth from this place.   We have the capacity to do many things but we have to ask ourselves some questions before we leap into another project. It might be wise to ask ourselves:

  • If I do this course, read this book, check my emails, go on Facebook, go out to another gathering, etc, is it leading me in the direction that I want, is it filling me up or is it leading me away from my goals or am I procrastinating?
  • Is this aligned with my higher purpose?
  • Will it create peace in my life?

We each have a purpose here. I don’t know what yours is but what I do know is that when we are living our purpose we are happy. It may not be always easy but it is definitely fulfilling and living your purpose, will help others. They will see your ability to reach your goals, to be emotionally free and that you are achieving your dreams.   To do this we must turn within to listen to that still small voice. As we go deep inside through contemplation, meditation, and prayer, we start to see who we really are, we become connected to the Source which is love beyond all understanding. We gain insights and our wisdom and intuition increases. We learn to trust, accepting that we are loved completely, in spite of our faults.

We are valuable and precious, we are never alone, always loved, always cherished. Our only problem may be that we are not aware or have forgotten who we really are in God’s eyes and are not allowing ourselves to accept the love waiting to pour into us.  Try to be open to allowing God in and surrender your hearts. Take a leap of faith and say “I am open to receiving your love, I am open to receiving your abundance, I am open to receiving miracles.” Say this every day and surrender your fear, surrender your worries, surrender your cynicism to God and say “What if this were possible?” Don’t forget to say thank you for all that you do have. Gratitude creates emotional, physical and financial abundance. You are worth it!

Love always,