EFT-Tapping and Journaling

Steve Wells an EFT Practitioner from Australia provides this simple but powerful method for getting the most out of EFT-Tapping and journaling while applying it to any issues you want a breakthrough in your life.
He calls the process “Journaling” and, in essence, it involves writing down all those extra aspects, beliefs and thoughts that show up during the EFT process. Each such item represents a new avenue for personal EFT exploration and, unless captured in writing, tends to be forgotten. However, writing down (and addressing) this daisy chain of events allows a more in-depth EFT experience. New perspectives and core issues are likely to surface.
Steve writes:

I have found it quite productive to do a journaling process with EFT while sitting in front of my computer. I begin by typing out a description of the challenge, problem, negative thought, negative belief or behavior that I want to work on. Then I do a round or two of EFT on that problem. As more thoughts and feelings come up, I type these onto the screen.

I can type quite quickly and as I work through various aspects it is very helpful to see – as well as feel – the shifts that occur literally in front of my eyes. Whether the aspects that come up are feelings, memories, thoughts or belief statements, I type them onto the screen and then include them in a new tapping sequence.

As I type I find I gain greater clarity and conscious understanding of my issues and I find that the subsequent tapping rounds I do are more focused and therefore more productive. Whilst I have found that typing onto the screen works for me because I can do so very rapidly, those who write faster than typing, or who prefer to write, could complete notes in a paper journal as they tapped through the various aspects.

I find the best feature regarding this approach occurs at the end of the tapping session. When I go back over the stuff I have typed onto the screen I get to see just how far I have moved from where I began. Often I am amazed at just how much ground I have covered, and also gratified to find that the issues or aspects I started with no longer bother me anymore.

I have found that in regular tapping sessions, my natural tendency is to just move onto the next aspect that comes up. As the previous aspects drop naturally from my consciousness it is easy to forget that I was pretty upset when I first sat down to tap. Many times I haven’t realized the full benefit of my regular tapping sessions until long “after the fact” when I confront a situation that would otherwise have upset me and find it doesn’t any longer. I’m sure this situation is familiar to many who do the tapping on a regular basis.

The journaling process overcomes these challenges, and not only assists you in clarifying aspects as you go but also allows you to realize and celebrate the changes you have made immediately after you make them. I find this immediate feedback on results to be a very gratifying element of the approach and I recommend it to everyone who wants to go further in their tapping sessions.

Steve Wells

As you may have experienced, EFT is an amazing tool to get breakthroughs in your life. We can have stuck places in our life which cause problems in different areas. I hope this article helps your tapping at home. If you experiment with journaling and tapping and you get results please let me know and we can share it with others to help and support them in getting free too!

In freedom and love,