My Experience of Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting has been transformational in my life. It has given me the tools to change and continue to change deep negative beliefs I had about myself that I learned from a childhood of abuse. For many years I tried every imaginable therapy, relating “my story” over and over again to new therapists who did nothing except take my checks and listen.

I was so tired of hearing my story and telling my story to therapists and not getting any real help or relief from the negative thoughts and beliefs I had. These subconscious beliefs were keeping me stuck and in fear. I was always hoping that this time, this therapy or program or therapist would give me the tools to feel good about myself and to at least feel okay in my body. I tried every kind of self-help tool, religion, positive thinking, even antidepressant drugs, diet, and herbs etc. I certainly learned a lot about myself and my fears but my self-sabotage never changed.

I knew my problems inside and out in my conscious mind and no amount of positive affirmations were able help me to change them. I TRIED IT ALL! I had gotten to the point of believing that I was handicapped not physically but emotionally and that my lot in life was to suffer. When I heard about Matrix Reimprinting, I was excited. I thought, at last, this is exactly what I have been looking for. A method by which I could change and let go of traumatic memories or at least understand why they happened in my life and move on. I wanted to know that my suffering was for a reason. As there was no one in my area who was trained in MR, I ended up attending a training myself.

At the training for MR, most of us worked on a memory or two practicing these new skills we were learning with other attendees. A memory came up of an incident at school when I was in first grade. The teacher had yelled at me and made me stay in the classroom for lunch. It was actually an event I hadn’t consciously remembered, so I was a little surprised that it came up. I have found over the years since my training that memories that come up for me (or clients), I would not always have consciously considered important but the perfect incident comes to light that needs healing and reimprinting. While checking in with my younger self during the training session.

I discovered she was:

a) devastated, that she had gotten into trouble with the teacher.

b) scared, because now she was afraid she might do something bad again, not knowing what was considered ‘bad’ and,

c) angry because the teacher shamed her publicly.

As we worked through the memory my little six-year-old self was able to give herself the resources and empowerment she needed to create a good outcome from the incident. She learned that the teacher was tired and angry that morning and my younger self had borne the brunt of it. The teacher was able to apologize (in the matrix) as was my younger self. One of the things I learned while working on this event in my life was that the memory was just one of the many incidents I had during my childhood where I took on the beliefs that I was “bad” and “not lovable”.

After working on this memory I no longer have any feelings of being a victim at all around the incident. I have compassion, forgiveness, and understanding for both my younger self and also the teacher. My younger self had found the confidence to get her needs met which was freeing, to say the least. Matrix Reimprinting has made such an impact on my life that I went on to become a Certified Matrix Reimprinting practitioner, studied Birth and Health Reimprinting, Trauma Training with Vets, Picture Tapping Technique and have also obtained my Advanced Level 3 EFT Certification and am now a Trainer of EFT. I knew this wonderful technique that utilizes EFT could help so many people break free and I had to share it.

I believe it is necessary to make changes in your subconscious beliefs on a cellular and subconscious level. It takes time but I have been able to move from feeling:

  • Guilty, (absolutely everything was my fault and I had to make up for everything).
  • Deep shame (I felt I had to hide the real me from others).
  • Inherently bad and unlovable, otherwise why didn’t my Mom protect and love me and why did my Dad abuse me?

Through working on many memories and sometimes the same memory a few times (different aspects), I now feel:

a) Good in my body, relaxed and calmer.

b) More confident, less afraid.

c) Grateful for who I am and grateful for my life and the challenges I have had to overcome.

I always worked at forgiving but with Matrix Reimprinting you have a whole new experiential level of awareness and deep forgiveness, not only for others but also for yourself. This comes out of self-knowledge, respect for your younger self and emotional freedom.

d) I am able to have relationships with no attachment, in other words, love people for who they are with no expectations.

e) I am able to see that I am worthy of love and I deserve to have loving relationships.

f) I am remembering the good parts of my childhood that were forgotten under all the pain.

g) I am now able to see the life lessons each experience was for me and how each was a step on my journey.

Matrix Reimprinting is an idea whose time has come and has not only changed my life for the better but also so many grateful clients.

With love,


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