The Four Questions

I have been working on many things lately and one of them is how to market my business so that it can reach more people so that I can help more people. How do I do that and stay congruent with who I am? Believe me it’s a stretch! I have been really having to look and search for what is my message and who I would best serve with my gifts and talents. As part of my search I was called to look again into the work of Gail Larson. Gail works with people on how to speak their story. I love her work. She mentions Chief Seattle’s legendary words: “We did not weave the web of life. We are only a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web we do to ourselves.” “What is the strand of life that is entrusted to us?” She asks these four questions, which I think are powerful questions for us all to ask ourselves when we are discovering who we are and what we are here for and how we can shine our light in the world or as Gail says, “speak your story”:

1.What brings you alive? Anyone or anything that does not bring you fully alive is too small for you.

2.What breaks your heart? She mentions Rumi’s beautiful words: “Break my heart, break it again so I can love even more again.” I believe that it is surrendering into the depths of our suffering and not trying to numb it, push it down, self medicate or by keeping busy, that is our greatest gift, the jewel of our existence. In acceptance of what is and our openness to love and forgiveness is the pathway to our healing and in that moment of surrendering we are transformed. It is what makes us who we really are and when we have love, compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and those who hurt us that is our light in the world. “When we look at where our heart is breaking that is where we’re called to bring our love and our service.”

3.What does healing look like? Healing to me is when we are no longer trapped in negative patterns out of fear and survival. We are free to be who we really are. This is why I do the work I do. I am able to help others release those negative beliefs learned through trauma. You are then able to choose and imprint positive beliefs from a knowing of who you really are. And in that process our lives are transformed. So ask yourself what would healing look like to you?

4.What is the one life affirming action that you can take that is beautiful that will make your heart sing? Mine is to do what brings me joy. To do that I need to continue to do the work I need to do on myself to break through anything that holds me back from achieving that. What is yours?


Much love always,