03 Dec

The Gift of You 2012

As I think about the holidays approaching and what family means, I cannot help but think of all the people in the world abandoned, neglected and abused by their families and the toll it takes on their lives. If love is the answer to happiness what happens to those who never experience love, compassion and kindness from their family?

In the work I do I see the results in depression, disease, pain, self sabotage and a propensity to attract more of the same type of relationships into their lives.  A pattern that keeps repeating itself.  With EFT and Matrix Reimprinting the negative imprinting (which created the energetic blocks in the first place) can be cleared and  then one can begin the process of changing the point of attraction to positive relationships of love and appreciation.

Those who were freely given love and acceptance when they were young have a responsibility to help those less fortunate. There are so many who do and they are beautiful souls. However, I see many who take their fortunate life for granted and take advantage of those less fortunate.

We were all inspired here in  New York City by the  policeman Larry DiPrimo and the kind act he did by buying the homeless man a pair of boots and warm socks on a very cold night in Manhattan. Just moments before someone had laughed at the same homeless man, yet the officer saw his need and responded in a generous way. He is an example for us all. I am sure the man is grateful for those boots and I am wondering if he is even more grateful for the fact that someone cared enough about him to respond to his very human need. Here’s a link to a video catching this kind act.


As the holidays approach let us all remember that this season isn’t all about presents and tinsel and bows but about taking care of those less fortunate, visiting those who are alone with no one to love them, forgiving those who have offended us and providing for those who have lost everything. We don’t need more stuff, we need shelter, warmth, food and the most important things we need are love, compassion, understanding and acceptance.

Also for those of you out there who are really hard on yourselves, don’t forget to give yourself some love and compassion too! Please remember that each and everyone of you are a gift in this world and you can make a difference!

Many Blessings for a beautiful Holiday!

Love always,