Who is God?

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I have clients that if I mention the word God to, they flinch and tense up. I can perhaps use the words higher power, the universe, and that is okay but “God” for them is connected to religion, and religion for them was not a good experience. They had such bad experiences that their hearts hold hurts and traumas that are rekindled every time they hear the word “God”.


Luckily for me, I had some good experiences with religion earlier in my childhood years but once I was in my teens and I heard things from the pastor that were prejudicial I left and kept seeking truth elsewhere. My parents were not religious at all, so in a way that was good for me as I had no pressure from them in that regard. That’s not the case for many people who had pressure from their parents and grow up in a religion that preaches one thing and acts in a different way. Sometimes those very kids are the brunt of prejudice, unkindness, narrow mindedness, sometimes very traumatic sexual abuse, and all connected to the name of God.


I believe that God is love and truth and the Creator of all things. It is as simple as that. You can definitely find God in religion, in the people in religion, and by their loving actions. You can definitely find God outside of religion through the loving actions of non-religious people.

Some of my thoughts on God: Please feel free to insert whatever words you would like to use instead of the word God such as Higher Power, Universal Love, Spirit, etc.


  • God is love
  • God is hope
  • God is mercy
  • God is kind
  • God is compassion
  • God is gentleness
  • God is within us
  • We are all one in God
  • God is truth
  • God is accepting
  • God is forgiveness
  • God is beyond all religion
  • God is breath
  • God is life
  • God is beauty
  • God is nature
  • God blesses us a hundredfold
  • God is patient


Some of God’s blessings do not always seem like blessings until we surrender our control, be willing to open our hearts to something much bigger and better than we could ever imagine. We are on a journey to know God more completely, more deeply, more profoundly.

My prayer is that those that have deep hurts from religion through no fault of their own and hurt every time they hear the word God because of it, find deep compassionate healing. I hope that they know on the deepest core of their being that they are loved, were created in love and they are on a journey of falling ever more deeply in love.

Peace be with you,