How EFT Calms Anxiety and Heals Trauma

A Brief Overview of how EFT Calms Anxiety.

When we feel anxiety, we are experiencing or re-experiencing what we believe to be a fearful event. Now that event may be deeply buried in our subconscious and so we are often frustrated as to why we are so anxious and, why, no matter what we do, the anxiety and fear persist. No matter how much we try to think our way out of it, we are still at the effect of the anxiety and fear. Fortunately, we can learn to heal trauma and anxiety with EFT.

Fearful or Traumatic Events

When a fearful or traumatic event occurs in our life when we are young, a belief is formed at the time. When similar events occur over and over again the belief is further imprinted in our subconscious. A trauma capsule is formed by our system at the time of the event to protect us from being overwhelmed by the feelings of that traumatic event. As human beings, we are all about survival and our system tries to protect at all costs. The event gets ‘frozen in time’ and a blockage in our energy system is formed.


Fast forward to the present and as we go through our lives certain experiences may trigger the past event that was scary, shameful or terrifying and we find ourselves shutting down, paralyzed, getting angry or having anxiety. If it is overwhelming and continuous we can develop physical symptoms from headaches to serious illnesses. If the subconscious traumatic event and the beliefs learned at the time are not healed and transformed.

Therefore when we are in a situation in the present where we become re-triggered, we experience it as if we are the same age as when the original event occurred. With the techniques of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, IFS (Internal Family Systems) and the tapping on the end meridian points on the body gently un-freezes the trauma capsule, helping our system and the younger self to feel safe and to learn new empowering beliefs about life and themselves. With major trauma, it is always good to work with an experienced practitioner who can skillfully guide you through the healing an transformation process.

You are so worth it!

With love always,