I am With You Always, God.

When you spend quiet time every day listening to that small, still voice inside.  You begin to know on a profound level that you are connected to something much greater than your limited conscious mind and what you experience in the natural world.

As you start to trust that inner voice, you realize that God wants to be with you, listen to you and speak with you. You begin to be able to surrender your fears and worries in your life and ask for all that you need.

It is important to contemplate and reflect and if you listen with an open mind and heart on a loving God, there will always be answers for you. They may not come immediately and they may come through in an unusual way. 

Here is a message I received the other day and I would like to share with you, it is for you too:

Be curious!

Just when you think you know something, be sure there is much, much, more to learn. You are only scratching the surface.

Be confident that there is never an end to this learning, there is never an end to becoming more loving.

Just when you think you are pretty confident you know what you are doing, you receive new learning, and you are cracked open and you begin to doubt yourself. You think, “Do I really know anything?”

Well, you know a little, that’s true. And you are growing every day and this is very beautiful.

Know that you have My light within you and when you open yourself and become more vulnerable to learning from Me, you will grow ever brighter.  Your light will start to shine to more and more people. Your light will shine through the darkness and bring light to those who are struggling.

People will be attracted to you like a moth to a flame. And you have the opportunity to share this light, to lighten their burdens.

Do not be afraid!

I am with you always, I have your back. You are never alone.

My love for you goes beyond all limits. There are no boundaries for My love for you. Have confidence in that.

Be open to receiving My love, My compassion, My mercy, My joy for this beautiful work you are doing.

Be open to love, to being loved and to love others.

You are precious and I love you!

With love always,