15 May

Matrix Reimprinting Part 2

In a previous blog I spoke about my own personal experience with Matrix Reimprinting and in this one I wanted to briefly talk some more about Matrix Reimprinting and why I believe that both EFT and now Matrix Reimprinting are changing how we are able experience life and view the world in a more positive and transformative way.

With these techniques you can release traumas that have been held in your bodies and your energy fields for years. You can create understanding, forgiveness and empowerment for the younger you within the traumatic memory which then enables you to create the life you always dreamed you would have. How many of us have hidden dreams, you know the ones I mean. Perhaps you’ve never told them to anyone or perhaps you tell them to everyone but never follow through.

Last month I wrote about the 5 Regrets of the Dying and how many people put their dreams on the back burner until they are too old. Mostly people don’t achieve their dreams because they are afraid. That fear is usually caused by childhood trauma and very often passed on through the generations. These limiting beliefs are what Gary Craig calls our “Writing on the Walls”. These are beliefs we learned from our family members, culture, religion, teachers and so on. These ‘writings’ are running in our subconscious all day long and we perceive the world through the lense of these beliefs. With Matrix Reimprinting you are able to go back into a memory and relearn and reimprint what was at one time negative and traumatic into a belief and learning that is empowering. You are able to see the event from a different perspective. Eventually after reimprinting traumatic memories, you are able to see yourself in a more positive light and be the person you knew all along you really were. Unfortunately before, because of trauma, you were unable to see it, access and actualize it. While having worked through your trauma your energetic vibration is automatically raised and utilizing the Law of Attraction you attract more positive people and experiences into your life. You can go from self conscious to self confident, from afraid to courageous. We can affect positive changes in your world by positively changing your beliefs about yourself! I want to stress that if you wish to experience the healing and transformative results from this technique I highly suggest you find an experienced and certified practitioner. Talk to them and read their testimonials to find if it is someone you can trust. We are transforming memories which gives you the opportunity of empowerment, something that was not possible at the time the trauma occurred. You will have more positive feelings and beliefs about yourself.

I believe we have these experiences for a reason. It is a privilege for me to be on this journey with you of self discovery and mastery of self and I do not take it lightly. I have enormous respect and compassion for your courage to look at what is not working in your life and changing it. The marvelous thing about Matrix Reimprinting is that we can take care of much trauma with deep love and forgiveness. I see your magnificence and am committed to you realizing your wonderful self!

With Love,