The Power of Blessings

I was sitting on the couch the other day having a cup of tea and sending love beams to our cats, who were sitting on the floor watching me intently. It is easy for me to love our cats and send them love beams. They don’t rub up against my ego in any way, just my leg (LOL!) and they don’t talk back. I remember lovingly stroking our pet rat Nibbles to sleep under my chin years ago and my husband patting our pet parakeet to sleep under his sweatshirt. Love is powerful. Studies done at The Institute of HeartMath tell us that the human heart is 5,000 times more powerful magnetically than the brain. Our hearts are the strongest bio-electrical and magnetic field generators in our body.

Last month I mentioned the power of blessings from Pierre Pradervand and I have been experimenting with sending blessings to people. I find it a little different energy than ‘praying for someone’. Just like with my cats I send people ‘love beams’. I know my animals feel the love right away, I can see it in their eyes and I feel it back in my heart, this love energy. The great thing I have noticed about sending blessings to people is that it releases me from any negative energy I might be harboring towards them. I feel a release of feel good neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. I find myself more compassionate, patient and understanding of that person or situation. I would be curious to see if we were hooked up to sensors while sending blessings whether there would be a spike in our neurotransmitter activity. My guess would be a ‘yes’. The reality here is that I am healed and I really don’t know if the person or situation that I am sending the blessing to is healed or affected, but i do know that I feel better.

I send blessings to my loved ones, my clients, to those I know are suffering or sick and to those I might be angry or annoyed with. When I do the latter, a miracle occurs and I am released of any residual negative feelings. I find that life is too short to hold grudges or any negative energy. I’d rather be attracting positive energy and events into my life. In this way we are activating The Law of Attraction in a very positive way and love is then attracted to us. I even send blessings to organizations I don’t agree with, instead of bemoaning the awful things they are doing and that I don’t have any control over. They can certainly use those blessings. Who knows the power that thousands of us sending blessings will have. Sometimes I see different colors when I send the blessings and I wish I could tell you why that is but I don’t know. Perhaps yours will also have colors or none at all. Let me know if you do, I am curious! Sending blessings is also like a good cleanse of the body.

Sending blessings of love constantly removes the negative from our energy system. If we have any negativity, it is because we learned it along the path of life. It is our primitive brain looking for the ways that bad things can happen to us and in its somewhat misguided programming, it is merely attempting to keep us safe. The best medicine is to send our negative feelings and beliefs blessings too. This way we are transformed with love and that primitive part of our brain can feel safe. Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up if you are feeling negative, it just creates more negativity. When we slip up, which we are bound to do, just forgive yourself and send yourself a blessing. We all deserve as many blessings as we can get. When I pray for someone, I have to petition God to help, when I am sending blessings, I am feeling that God is already in me, a part of me. We are all one, and the person I am blessing is part of me and part of God also. In that instant I think it and feel it, it is done. We all have that power within us.

Kids sense when they can trust an adult, they ‘get’ our energy right away, same as animals. We do as adults too but over the years we have built up so many layers of protection it is oftentimes hard to accept and trust. We are wary and sometimes rightly so of some people. Many of us don’t trust ourselves or love ourselves unconditionally. I wonder what might happen if you started on a daily course of blessings?

We can all make a difference in the world by blessing others. We will be raising the energetic vibrations of all those around us and therefore the world. Never underestimate the power of love and the difference one person can make. Here is a link to the Lilou Mace interview with Pierre Pradervand talking about how the “Gentle Art of Blessings” came about for him.

Sending you all many, many blessings from my heart to yours  ❤