Matrix Reimprinting

Get Unstuck. Healing and 4 Positive Habit

Get Unstuck! Healing and Positive Habits

Some of our experiences in life may have been so negative they seem to override any positive ones. You believe certain negative things about yourself because of those experiences and you can feel trapped, unable to get unstuck, and on a hamster wheel of negative thoughts. I want you to know that those experiences, once healed, are actually the keys to you understanding your life messages, and transformation and freedom are possible for you. Once …

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Do you have EQ? Emotional Intelligence?

While reading this article by Daniel Goleman, the author of “Emotional Intelligence,” I couldn’t help but agree that having emotional intelligence is of prime importance in every area of our lives. I am so glad I discovered EFT and the other techniques I use which helped me to grow in my ability to have better emotional intelligence. Mr. Goleman says that knowledge, smarts, and vision are important attributes as a leader as is the ability …

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Beliefs are Passed Down Through the Generations.

Everything you experience in life is filtered through your beliefs about yourself. It seems simple to say, “if I could just change how I feel about myself then everything will fall into place and I will achieve my dreams.” Easier said than done, right? You know that you can say affirmations and yet you still may not be making the money you wanted, or have found that perfect relationship, job or career. You’re still procrastinating …

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Matrix Reimprinting using EFT

In a previous blog, I spoke about my own personal experience with Matrix Reimprinting and in this one, I wanted to briefly talk some more about Matrix Reimprinting using EFT, and why EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and also IFS (Internal Family Systems which I have added to my work) are changing how we are able to experience life and view ourselves and the world in a more positive way. With these techniques, you can release traumas …

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My Experience of Matrix Reimprinting

My experience of Matrix Reimprinting using EFT has been transformational. Since training in this modality, 10 years ago I have been able to change deep negative beliefs I had about myself that I learned from a childhood of abuse. For many years before, I tried every imaginable therapy, relating “my story” over and over again to new therapists who did nothing except take my checks and listen. I was so tired of hearing my story …

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