Tap Along Audio Scripts

I created these Tapping Audios to support clients in tapping between their sessions with me.  I thought I would share them with everyone.

For those have had a lot of Big T Trauma, such as PTSD, abuse etc., please be careful when tapping and if a lot of grief and fear come up for  you and the intensity is overwhelming,  keep your eyes open, look around at different objects in the room, take deep breaths, feel your feet on the ground and tap rounds of: “I am safe, I’m going to be all -right!”  When you can, work with a qualified therapist or practitioner trained in trauma.

Tapping Audios and Scripts can open up emotions that have been locked away in your subconscious and in your body for many years, which is why I advise you to work with a skilled Practitioner who can help you to heal the original events and beliefs you learned at the time of the traumas.  Tapping Audios and Scripts are a one size fits all when none of us are the same or have had the same life experiences. The ideal situation is to work with a practitioner who can tap with you on your specific issues. That being said, These audios are simply a helpmate for you. Please let me know if they are helpful to you.


I’m Good Enough – 14 mins


Meditation – 15 mins


Overwhelm – 10 mins


Shining Your Light – 28 mins


Tapping on Nerves Before an Interview – 16 mins