As we approach Thanksgiving this year and after the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Sandy here in the Northeast. Our living in over 20 different places in the last 14 months due to unforeseen circumstances, has taught me more about life than sitting in my beautiful 5 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn could ever do. I have had to let go of many of my attachments in life, including my home, many of my possessions, and learn to live out of a suitcase, sort of like an ongoing camping experience.

Thanksgiving for our greatest treasures

I have learned how to receive which was a big lesson for me, I have had to learn humility (it was okay for me to give to others but not okay for me to receive). I feel thanksgiving that I have seen the depths of peopleʼs hearts and their generosity of spirit and resources. I have experienced how family takes care of family. I have experienced what stress can do to oneʼs body and how the energy work I have done over this period has saved me. It has helped me become stronger, calmer and more enlightened. It has helped me to know who I really am and what is really important in life. Our greatest treasures are those of the heart. I grumble about Facebook because I can get stuck on it too long but many of my friendʼs posts have uplifted me during this time. Connecting with others on FB has been inspiring and I am reminded of the beauty inherent in our human spirit. I have been given the gift of seeing my children in a way I didn’t have before. This experience has strengthened them and I have had the opportunity to see the goodness caring, strength and love that they have for their family.

I see the beauty

I am so proud of each and every one of them. I feel thanksgiving for the work I do as I have the opportunity to help and guide people to get through their problems and move on in life to achieve their goals. I see the beauty of who they really are. I have said this before and I will say it again and again that if we could see ourselves the way God does, we would die of love. I have a glimpse of this in my work which is why I believe that our challenges in life are our gifts in disguise. They are the opportunity for us to break through the dark into the light. I am grateful for Isagenix. This is not a plug for Isagenix but I truly believe having these high-quality products every day has helped me survive this ongoing stress. Lastly, I am grateful for my belief and connection in a loving God,  to Jesus who had always been a beacon of light to me.

He is the one I could run to…

He is one I could relate to, to know, and to run to for comfort when there was little in the world. His love for me was and is never-ending, never judging, only compassionate, and always forgiving. I needed that when at times the world was hard and difficult. I remember when I was about 7 or 8 I used to cry myself to sleep every night and this one night I remember asking him why life was so awful and I heard a voice very loud and deep though within myself say “You are suffering for a reason.” My younger self accepted this at the time and I had thought, okay Iʼm just meant to suffer. Last year doing a Matrix Reimprinting session with a swap partner, a picture of my younger self came up when she was about this same age and she was very angry with Jesus for allowing her to suffer as she did all alone. She was angry because she felt she was not strong enough for this path. He gave my younger self a look and in an instant she knew that she had never been alone, he had always been there and that yes, she was strong enough. We are strong enough to handle our paths and we are never alone.

I hope that as Thanksgiving comes around this year you will know that in your hearts too.I have much to be grateful for. And for the lessons learned in regard to Hurricane Sandy, I am grateful for those who have given of themselves so selflessly and continue to do so.  I pray for those who have lost everything.

In honor of them I am offering a free series of five EFT or Matrix Reimprinting or Picture Tapping Technique sessions to help with the stress they are going through.

With all my love,