Weight Loss

When I work with clients regarding losing weight we work on clearing all the subconscious blocks they have regarding losing weight. There are all kinds of reasons why people choose to keep or gain unwanted weight and I have found every client I have worked with has a different issue or a combination of them. In a few sessions we can pretty much clear those up. Unless you clear those negative subconscious beliefs NO amount of diets will work. They may work for a while and then if there is some stress in your life, the weight may come back on again. 95% of our lives are run by our subconscious so even though, in your conscious mind you might want to lose weight, if the beliefs in your subconscious belie those in your conscious mind, your subconscious will always win out.

There is a reason and sometimes a combination of reasons why you are holding on to the weight. Ask yourself these questions:

“What’s the upside of keeping the weight on?”

“What’s the downside of taking the weight off?”

If you have held on to this weight for long or if you do diets and boomerang the weight back on again you can be pretty sure there is a subconscious belief going on there. Working with an experienced practitioner may be the way to go for you to heal anything that may be stopping you from achieving your goal.

Here’s some simple practical steps you can do that may help:

1. Make your portions slightly smaller at every meal. So if you have a bowl of cereal in the morning and two pieces of toast. Make the bowl of cereal slightly smaller and maybe only one piece of toast. Remember to start small as you want to trick your stomach not starve it, so go slowly in small increments and then build on that.

2. Eat some protein at every meal as it takes your body longer to process protein and you won’t get hungry as quickly.

3. Many people get great results from eating a small breakfast and then a midmorning snack of a piece of fruit, a yogurt or a low calorie energy bar . A small lunch and then another healthy snack mid afternoon before dinner. This way you are always keeping your energy up and not letting your blood sugar drop. You are not hungry for food and eating too much by the time you get to your meal. Remember healthy, low calorie snacks. Another choice is to eat a bigger meal at lunch so the body has time to digest and a lighter meal later in the evening.

4. Always leave a little on your plate. Don’t feel you have to finish everything on your plate. This was a big one for me as I had to eat everything on my plate as a kid so it took me a while to change that habit. Now I eat everything only if I have room in my stomach or desire it.

5. Really chew and taste your food and ENJOY it. Take your time and try to sit down while eating.

6. Give yourself a little something ‘yummy and delicious’ (as my daughter would say) once a day.

7. I know you’ve heard this all before but exercise is important and I’m not talking about anything too rigorous but consistency is good. Try to follow your heart on this one and not just follow blindly what others say or do, every body is different and if you hate it, you won’t continue with it. Perhaps you prefer something slow like yoga or walking or hiking. There is a myriad of classes and gyms you can try at all levels but it doesn’t have to be a killer workout for you to see results, remember easily, lovingly, gently and consistently are key words for you.

8. When you slip up, NEVER be mad at yourself. Instead give yourself a hug and a pat on your back for trying and keep going. We all slip up at times, the important thing is to be understanding and KEEP going!

9. Get plenty of rest. When you are exhausted and stressed you will eat more!

10. Do EFT and clear all the negative blocks that are trapped in your energy field in your cells that are keeping you from reaching your ideal weight.

11. Toxicity in your body will help to keep weight on. When you ingest chemicals through foods that have been heavily sprayed with pesticides etc., your body will en-robe the chemical in your fat cells to protect your vital organs. Do a cleanse periodically to cleanse these toxins out of your body such as Isagenix 30 day cleanse: http://gailmae.isagenix.com/us/en/areyoutoxic-promo.dhtml

12. Eat plenty of organic (no pesticides) fruits and veggies, some protein and light healthy snacks.

Eventually it gets into a habit, when you are loving yourself and taking care of yourself. You want to do good things for yourself.

Give yourself walks in fresh air, take deep breaths and feel grateful to be alive on this beautiful planet. I am cheering you on that any and all your dreams and desires will be manifested!

Here is a Tapping Script to help you with Cravings (note we are not using the finger points in this script but we are using the Wrist Point which is where we take our pulse). Make sure you start to tap immediately you start to crave something:



KC : (Karate Chop Point: Even though I really, really, really want to eat ……………, and I know I may regret it, I accept myself and how I feel

KC: Even though I know that eating………………is going to make me feel better in one way but worse in another, I want it anyway, I need it, I deserve it, it will make me feel better and I accept myself and how I feel.

KC: Even though I am sick and tired of not being able to control what I eat when I get stressed, I am open to accepting myself , having patience with myself, no matter what.

TH: (Top of the Head): I need it
EB: ( Eye Brow) I really need it
SE (Side of the Eye) I know I will feel better
UE: (Under the Eye): I have to have it
UN: (Under the Nose): I have to have it
CP: (Chin Point): I want it
CB: (Collar Bone Point): It tastes so good
UA: (Under the Arm): It is so crunchy and crisp (put in your own words, your own cravings)
LP: (Liver Point -under the chest): So deliciously salty
WP: (Wrist Point): So deliciously salty
KC: So yummy and delicious

TH: I want it
EB: It will make me feel better
SE: I need the comfort
UE: I need the comfort
UN: It’s just one bag of chips…………….. ( or whatever number, put in your own craving)
CB: I’ll do better tomorrow
UA: I’ll just have one now
LP: I know I’ll feel better
WP: I deserve some comfort
KC: I deserve to feel good

TH: No I won’t feel better
EB: I’ll hate myself for eating it
SE: Why do I have these cravings?
UE: I don’t care
UN: I just really want it
CP: I just want it
CB: And I want it now
UA: I need it now
LP: No I don’t need it
WP: I don’t need it
KC: I just want it

TH: I just want it
EB: Fine, I want it now, what about after?
SE: How will I feel after?
UE: Is it worth it?
UN: That quick fix?
CP: How will I feel about myself after?
CB: Will I feel disgusted with myself?
UA: Will I hate myself?
LP: I don’t want to do that to myself
WP: I’m worth more than that
KC: Maybe I’m worth more than that

TH: What of I could do something kind to myself?
EB: Instead of eating junk?
SE: What else could I do to get more comfort for myself?
UN: What if I could choose to do something kind for myself?
CP: What if i could be kinder to myself?
CB: I am open to that
UA: I am open to being more kind and loving to myself
LP: I deserve that
WP: Love and kindness never hurt anyone
KC: Maybe I could have a soak in the bath? (or whatever you like to do to destress and relax)

TH: What if I could relax just a little bit more?
EB: What if i could be forgiving with myself just a little bit more?
SE: What if I could be softer with myself?
UE: What if I could be gentler with myself?
UN: I am open to that
CP: I am open to being gentler and more compassionate with myself
CB: What if I could feel more calm and relaxed?
UA: What if I could let go my perfectionist standards a bit?
LP: That would feel good
WP: What if I could do that
KC: What if I could love myself up even more right here, right now?

I hope this script was helpful and please email me if you have any questions.

Much love,