The Happiness Advantage


When I was on vacation in Jamaica, the warmth, sun, white sand, and beautiful turquoise water were something I had dreamed about for a long time. I came home feeling so impressed with the people. Everything about our stay went so smoothly, from the cheerful and polite airline staff to our hotel staff and the crew who ran the special trips we went on. They all worked hard with such a cheerful attitude, we always managed to get everywhere we needed to on time with no stress. NO problem, Yeah Mon!

People who are happy are more successful

While I was there I was reading the book “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor, a wonderful book chronicling his work with companies and how people who are happier are more successful and do better in life at all levels. His work parallels what I do to re-imprint people’s negative opinions about themselves into positive opinions and beliefs. Sometimes it takes time to change those beliefs but it can be done with consistency and perseverance. I believe all things are possible and why not? We created our lives up to this point by our beliefs, why not change the beliefs and change your life if you choose? People who ‘believe’ they are smart and capable do better on tests than those who doubt themselves, even though their intelligence levels may be the same. Just because you may have been a certain way for 20, 30, or even 60 years. The brilliant thing is, is that it doesn’t matter, we CAN change, it’s been proven.

If possible I do suggest you read the book, secondly, I suggest you visit Jamaica to see that it is possible to ‘be happy’, it’s a choice we make every day. I know the Jamaicans are not making much money, their economy is not strong and they pay top dollar for many of their services. They are trying very hard to turn that around. In the meantime, they have chosen to be cheerful, polite, helpful and gracious. I got a lot of hugs there, which I can appreciate any time! 

We can also do other simple things as well to increase our levels of happiness. Here are a few and remember that everyone is different and what floats your boat may not be the same for others. Always check in with your body to what feels good.  You want your brain to create more serotonin and dopamine, the feel-good chemicals.

How to raise feel-good chemicals in the brain

Studies have been done which prove that even thinking about something fun or pleasurable you are planning to do raises the feel-good brain chemicals. I can attest to that, just thinking about my Jamaican holiday made me happy long before I was there. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money. It can be as simple as planning a movie date with friends. Some people have a belief that they are meant to suffer or to be unhappy but the keyword here is ‘belief’.  What you believe you will create. Well, I believe that we can be happy and my work is about helping you to see who you really are, lovable and deserving of happiness. So on my return to NYC from Jamaica, I promised myself to choose every day to be more relaxed, more chill, and to be more grateful. I think we owe it not only to ourselves but to each other. I am planning on expecting even more miracles in my life. How about you?

All my best wishes for abundant love, joy and miracles,